Mpq Builder Screenshot - example screensaver

Make and share your very own ‘text + images’ screensaver, with MPQ Builder

Does the idea of building your very own screensaver using your very own text and visuals sound appealing to you? If so, then check out MPQ Builder, a program that will let you combine images and text and package them in a setup file as an installable screensaver for Windows. ‘MPQ Builder’ is free for

YoWindow Screenshot Seattle

Free Giveaway: ‘YoWindow Unlimited’ weather app and screensaver

We’ve featured a number of giveaways on Freewaregenius in the past, but this one is by far the most exciting to date. You may remember YoWindow, a desktop-based weather app for Windows and Mac featuring a very nice visual twist: the weather conditions and time of day are represented through atmospheric on-screen visuals. And while

Plane9 feat

Plane9 is a music-visualization screensaver

Do you love music? Do you love screensavers? Do you love visualizations? We do, which is why we are excited about Plane9, a free software which installs as a screensaver or plugin for Winamp and Windows Media Player. It detects and reacts to any playing music on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and acts as


Ten Must-Have Free Screensavers for Windows, part 1

Although most modern displays do not need screensavers anymore, they remain a part of our everyday computing experience, at least for some. These days screensavers are more about form rather than function; a diversion for when you walk away from your PC or when you’re on the phone for a long time, etc. But they

Happy Holidays featured post

Freeware for the holidays!

The winter holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to get some freeware to jazz up your technology with the holiday spirit! With screensavers, games, and apps, there’s never been a better year for the possibilities of freeware for the holidays. This article will cover a few different ideas to get you started,


YoWindow Free: a weather reporting toy and screensaver

What would you do if you wanted to know what the weather is like right now? Naturally you would take a peek out the window. YoWindow Free is a free interactive weather reporting app that takes this concept and flips it on its head; it will show you the current weather or the weather forecast