Add Tilt-Shift effects to your photographs for free, with ‘Tilt-Shift Maker’

Do you enjoy experimenting with photo filters and editing? Tilt-Shift Maker is a great, free online service that produces some absolutely wonderful looking photographs based on your input. It’s loaded with options but it is also easy to use and the end results can really be kind of mind-blowing. Tilt-Shift style photos are, essentially, photographs

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Explore the wonders of the world with the ‘Google World Wonders Project’

Do you like to explore and visit new places, see new things but live on an average budget that doesn’t allow you to traipse off to the far corners of the world any time you want? If so, the Google World Wonders Project might be just the think you have been looking for without knowing


Immerse yourself in interactive aerial panoramas with AirPano

How would you like to take an interactive virtual tour, flying high over, say, the Pyramids at Giza, zooming in and out, panning across 360 degrees in every direction, and even changing vantage points within the seemingly vast environment. Or, instead, you could be gazing over the Manhattan skyline, flying over the Golden Gate Bridge


View 360° photographs from across the world in your browser or iPhone/iPad with TourWrist

Do you enjoy looking at 360° panoramic photography? If so, then check out TourWrist, a web site that offers geo-tagged panoramic images for your perusal, similar to previously mentioned Panoye. Unlike Panoye, however, TourWrist also offers a free iPhone app that makes consuming/viewing panoramas easy and spontaneous, by putting in the palm of your hand (and your


Auto-combine images into panoramas with Panorama Plus Starter Edition

There is something strangely satisfying about stitching pictures together to create a panoramic image. If you’ve been out snapping consecutive images and looking for a program that would merge them for you, take a look at the free Panorama Plus Starter Edition. There are two kinds of panorama-stitching programs; ones that are user assisted, where