Twenty one interesting FREE image viewers that you’ve (probably) never heard of

This post will present 21 image viewers that you have likely never heard about, which run the gamut from full-fledged image organizers to small and simple viewers with a light footprint that you might want to use in addition to your default image viewer. The purpose of this post is to showcase alternatives to the

Pixable Screenshot

View photos from Facebook as magazine-style galleries with Pixable

Everyone likes photoblogs, right? But consider this: what if you took the photography from Facebook and other photo sharing sites and, with the click of a button, laid them out on a single page, magazine style, for quick, at-a-glance perusal? That, in a nutshell, is what free web service Pixable does – and does it

Sharypic screenshot1

Create and share event-based photo galleries with Sharypic

Sharypic free is a website that allows you to create and share photo collections or galleries, based on events. It can be used for anything you can imagine, from birthday parties to business meetings to political summits. Lots of places on the web allow you to create and share photo galleries. Things like Facebook and

Wow Slider Screenshot2

Create beautiful carousel slideshows with WOW Slider Free edition

WOW Slider is a free program that makes sliders or carousels for your non-commercial website. It features multiple templates, a simple point and click interface, and even a WordPress plugin. Available for Windows and for Mac, WOW Slider is one of the best ways to create great visuals for your personal web pages at no


View and Manage your comics and digital images with GonVisor

GonVisor is a free program that will help you to not only organize and manage your electronic format comics, mangas, magazines and books, but also print, read or modify them as well. All this is done is a very clean interface that has tons of options and features. Supports CBR, CBZ, CBA comics folders as

Simply Slideshow Screenshot1

Simply Slideshow: view images in style, with nice animated transitions

Viewing pictures on you PC? Then check out Simply Slideshow, a small free program which displays folders of images back-to-back with beautiful animated transitions. It’s easy, simple, no frills, but offers a great viewing experience. This program is especially well suited for, say, creating image slideshows in conference booths, parties, restaurants, and the like (or,


View 360° photographs from across the world in your browser or iPhone/iPad with TourWrist

Do you enjoy looking at 360° panoramic photography? If so, then check out TourWrist, a web site that offers geo-tagged panoramic images for your perusal, similar to previously mentioned Panoye. Unlike Panoye, however, TourWrist also offers a free iPhone app that makes consuming/viewing panoramas easy and spontaneous, by putting in the palm of your hand (and your

NexusImage Screenshot2

Get a stylish, minimalistic image viewer with NexusImage

If you want a minimalistic image viewer that just works, but looks really really good while at it, check out the free NexusImage. This program has a similar look and feel to the ‘Lightbox’ image viewing style you find on many blogs (including this one), where the image seems to float up while the background