Resophnotes: take notes quickly on your desktop, then access them in the cloud on other devices or computers

Resophnotes is a free note taking software that syncs with the “SimpleNote” cloud-based note taking service. This means that your notes from Reshopnotes can be accessed from multiple computers and devices (including the iPhone via this free app). Resophnotes can also be used portably from a USB drive. This software is designed for simple, quick


How to enlarge images with no pixellization and minimal quality degradation (using free software)

Have you experienced a situation where an image you are interested in using is smaller than you would like it to be, whether it might be for printing purposes or for use in illustration projects or even for usage on the web, etc? Typically, straight-enlarging of an image comes with too much of a degradation


Tintii: free, standalone selective coloring/color popping filter for your images

Tintii is a standalone photo filter that lets you implement selective coloring on your photos (also known as color popping), where an image is converted to greyscale with the exception of some individual color layers that remain. See an example of the kindsof results that you can get below (I didn’t snap the picture, but


Verman’s Art Generator

Verman’s Art Generator is a little free program that can convert image files into ASCII art. It can output both black and white text files or convert into full color ASCII art and back to JPG again. I am not sure why, but I like the idea of converting images to color ASCII art (see


Picture Resizer

  Picture Resizer is a small, free program that can Resize JPG image files in batch simply by dragging and dropping selected JPG files on the Picture Resizer Executable. Size and quality options are determined by renaming the executable and inserting a handful of commands in the name. It is possible to multiple instances of


FirmTools ShellExtension

FirmTools ShellExtension adds 3 image-file related functions to the Windows right click menu (a) a ’convert’ function for image-format conversions on the fly within explorer, (b) thumbnail previews for images within the context menu, and (c) a print function which prints a centered image with the file path on top. It supports GIF, JPEG, BMP,



Gimpshop is a version of the GIMP open source image editing/processing application that features a changed user interface and terminology intended to replicate that of Adobe Photoshop. It is designed to enable users to transfer their knowledge of Photoshop to GIMP, making it an instantly useable viable free alternative. GIMP, in case you haven’t heard


Color Correction Wizard

Color Correction Wizard is a program that can perfrom automatic or manual color correction to a single image or a group of images in an easy, wizard-style interface. This program only recently became freeware. Here’s what you need to know about it: It has a very intuitive, wizard-style interface. Can work with a single image

ASCII picture of my family

A couple of years ago or so I ran into a shareware program that converted image files into text characters. Being the software junkie that I am I gave it a try and was really pleased with the resulting effect. I remember thinking about using these text pictures as a design element in my personal website that