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Resize images via right click with ‘Free Image Resizer’

If you need to resize images quickly, right from Windows Explorer and on the fly then this software is for you. Free Image Resizer is a free Windows tool that lets you select any image or images in Explorer and resize them instantly via right click. Free Image Resizer allows users to select multiple images

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How to download the Favicon from any site

Favicons are very small icons that typically display a site’s logo or brand. These are familiar to everyone who has every bookmarked a URL, and can be seen on the browser’s tab for any page you are visiting. If you’ve ever wanted to download the favicon from a website then read on. This post will


Live Capture is an advanced screenshot taking program that offers every feature you could think of

Live Capture is a comprehensive screenshot tool that is free and jam packed with options and features. It goes beyond the typical window capture modes to offer such options as freehand capture, timed capture, auto scroll capture, web capture, and auto repeat last capture. Other options include uploading screenshots to FTP, on-screen tools such as


Improve your photos with Croppola: a free web service that can suggest better picture compositions

Do you think it’s possible to teach good taste to a computer?, or that a program can suggest better picture compositions? That is what free online service Croppola aspires to; it “provides automatic suggestions to obtain the best composition from pictures you have already shot”, which, in English, means that it will suggest ways to


Three must-have FREE image manipulation tools: Smilla Enlarger, Seam Carving GUI, and ShiftN

If you are an expert Photoshop user then this post may not be for you; for the rest of us, however, the 3 tools presented here will provide high level functionality that will delight and deliver. Smilla Enlarger uses an algorithmic approach to enlarge images without pixellization, Seam Carving GUI performs ‘content aware’ resizing or


Get a free alternative to Photoshop or Paintshop with GimPhoto

GimPhoto is a free program that allows you to manipulate and edit your image files in many of the same ways as the retail programs like Photoshop. GimPhoto is designed to approximate Photoshop in many ways; it’s interface design, menu layout, and it’s use of best plugins and resources. If you’re looking for a free


Crop unwanted elements out of images automagically with Seam Carving GUI

You may heave heard of ‘Seam Carving’, also called ‘content aware’ or ‘liquid’ resizing, a technology that can reduce, extend, and even crop elements out of images while keeping it visually plausible and/or cohesive to the human eye (more info here). Seam Carving GUI is a free program that can perform content aware resizing on


Edit, enhance, and improve your images using PicsArt Photo Studio for Android

PicsArt Photo is free application for Android that allows you to edit, enhance, and add special effects to your photos. Since it runs on your phone, you can manipulate your photos right after taking them, or you can upload them from your computer to the phone. With a small memory footprint, external storage options, as


Resize images with Photo Magician, a stylish yet powerful image resizing program

So many images to resize, and such little time; but at least you can do it with a stylish, free program that is a delight to use. Photo Magician manages to deliver the near impossible: a wide range of functions and power under the hood, coupled with an interface design that makes you want to


Convert images to icons and vice versa with

If you need to convert PNG, JPG, GIF, or BMP images to ICO icon files, or vice versa, then check out free online service This one is different from many similar services in that it can create a genuine Windows 7 style icon with multiple frames that simultaneously supports the compressed PNG format.


Insert your face into ‘interesting’ and funny photos with Photofunia

Photofunia is a free online service that can embed any photo within a number of image templates. It provides a very wide range of interesting images to choose from, and offers the option to apply a handful of effects to the resulting image. Photofunia can run on mobile devices, with ad-supported apps for Android, iPhone