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Organize and manage your photo library, with Phototheca

Digital images have a way of steadily accumulating, whether they come from digital cameras or phones, social networks, or the internet. If  you’re looing for an easy, simple way to organize and view your images then read on. Phototheca is a free, easy to use desktop application that helps organize and view locally stored images.


Upload to IMGUR image hosting service via right click, with ImgurUploader

The next time you need to upload an image to a forum or share it on Facebook or anywhere else, remember that you can do this easily from Windows’ right click ‘Send-To’ menu, without going off to find image hosting services on Google, using open source program ‘ImgurUploader’.

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Download Instagram photos easily with Free Instagram Downloader

If you want a quick and easy way to download your Instagram pictures or even those of your friends, then check out  ‘Free Instagram Downloader’, a free program that can download Instagram photos with a few simple clicks. Introduction As the name suggests, Instagram Downloader allows users to download photos from instagram user’s profiles. All


Two FREE tools to grab images in batch from any website: OWIDIG and ‘Image Collector Extension’ for Chrome

Ever wanted to download multiple images images from a page all at once? There are a number of good utilities out there for this purpose, and this post will present two of them:(1) OWIDIG (Online Webpage Image Downloader and Image Grabber) is a free online service that will process any URL that you throw at


Take a snapshot of any part of your screen, and send it instantly to friends or social sites with Kwout

Kwout is a free bookmarklet and Chrome or Firefox extension that allows you to ‘quote’ any part of your browser screen, and upload it to any of a number of social sites. It is super easy to install and use, and makes your social quips and posts more interesting, and quite possibly more understandable. Many


Find free to use Creative Commons images with Photo Pin

Humans are visual animals; which is why so many people (bloggers, artists, designers, advertising-types, etc) are always looking for images to illustrate our articles and ideas. So it’s a good thing that there are numerous images available under the Creative Commons (CC) license, which anyone can use more or less freely based on some stipulations,


Twenty one interesting FREE image viewers that you’ve (probably) never heard of

This post will present 21 image viewers that you have likely never heard about, which run the gamut from full-fledged image organizers to small and simple viewers with a light footprint that you might want to use in addition to your default image viewer. The purpose of this post is to showcase alternatives to the


Edit, enhance, and improve your images using PicsArt Photo Studio for Android

PicsArt Photo is free application for Android that allows you to edit, enhance, and add special effects to your photos. Since it runs on your phone, you can manipulate your photos right after taking them, or you can upload them from your computer to the phone. With a small memory footprint, external storage options, as

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Create and share event-based photo galleries with Sharypic

Sharypic free is a website that allows you to create and share photo collections or galleries, based on events. It can be used for anything you can imagine, from birthday parties to business meetings to political summits. Lots of places on the web allow you to create and share photo galleries. Things like Facebook and


Find Creative Commons images that are free to use in your projects and illustrations with CCfinder

If you’ve ever had to illustrate an idea, then you’ve likely done gone and searched Google for images that may be useful or could provide a starting point. The problem, of course, is that those images are typically copyrighted, are NOT in the public domain and do NOT offer a Creative Commons license. Wouldn’t it

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Create beautiful carousel slideshows with WOW Slider Free edition

WOW Slider is a free program that makes sliders or carousels for your non-commercial website. It features multiple templates, a simple point and click interface, and even a WordPress plugin. Available for Windows and for Mac, WOW Slider is one of the best ways to create great visuals for your personal web pages at no


View and Manage your comics and digital images with GonVisor

GonVisor is a free program that will help you to not only organize and manage your electronic format comics, mangas, magazines and books, but also print, read or modify them as well. All this is done is a very clean interface that has tons of options and features. Supports CBR, CBZ, CBA comics folders as