The Codex of Alchemical Engineering – a great free game that makes you think

The Codex of Alchemical Engineering (COAE) is a free logic puzzle and building game that can help improve your logic skills as well as entertain you for hours on end. It features some cute flash graphics and a great soundtrack, innovative ‘building’ and ‘logic’ style gameplay, and is just one of the great free games


How to embed a video into a PowerPoint presentation and package it within a SINGLE PowerPoint file

Have you ever inserted a video into a PowerPoint presentation, only to discover that you are unable to distribute your presentation as a single file? Typically, inserting a video (or videos) into a PowerPoint will require that you make sure the video(s) are always placed within the same folder as the PowerPoint file, making the


GPDF2SWF: convert and publish PDF documents as flash SWF

If you’ve ever wanted to publish a PDF in SWF (flash) form then read on: GPDF2SWF is a free tool that can do this very easily. GPDF2SWF is the graphical user interface for a tool called PDF2SWF, and is part of SWFTOOLS, a collection of SWF related command line executables. This program can load up

Okozo desktop: display animated, flash-based interactive wallpapers on your desktop

Okozo desktop installs flash-based animated desktop wallpaper on Windows Vista and Windows 7, utilizing DirectX 9.0c and Adobe flash. Because they are flash-based, Okozo desktop animations differ from the “dreamscene” WMV-based desktop animations in that they can provide a wide range of interactive functionality, such as being able to respond to cursor movements, to display


RichFLV: free tool to merge, cut, and manipulate FLV video

RichFLV is a free Adobe Air tool that performs a number of operations on FLV video files, including merging files, extracting sections from larger FLVs, exporting audio as FLV or MP3, converting to SWF, extracting individual frames to image files, and defining cue-points and metadata. Operations can be performed on the whole video or user-defined


Png2swf: convert PNG images to flash SWF files

Png2swf is a free program that can convert PNG files into an animated flash SWF file. It can process a number of PNG images serially into a SWF file or otherwise batch-create SWF files out of individual PNGs. If you need to convert PNG images to flash animations or if you need a simple, quick


Convert videos to flash FLV and SWF with “Flash This!”

Flash this! is a small, free tool that can convert video files to flash (both FLV and SWF). This program is a frontend to FFMpeg, the transcoding engine behind the majority of freeware video conversion programs. Here are some notes on this one:


F-ab is an online flash animation/video channel browser

F-ab is a player for online videos and other flash animations where, instead of a URL, you literally ’tune into’ channels that are broadcast over the internet in the manner of a radio dial. It offers more than 1200 such channels as of this writing, with the possibility of adding your own (including YouTube channels)


AuthorPOINT Lite

AuthorPOINT Lite is a freeware program that can convert Powerpoint presentations into flash. It offers a number of interesting features such as the ability to define quality output settings, a handful of output templates to choose from, and the option to upload your presentations for online viewing using a platform which the developers call “authorSTREAM”.


Game, game, game and again game

“Game, game, game and again game” is a flash platform game that looks like it is played inside somebody’s stream of consciousness or an artistic scrapbook of doodles, poetry, and philosophical musings. Despite the name this one can more accurately be described as a toy rather than a game, as the its major draw, as


Makibishi Comic

Makibishi Comic is a point and click flash adventure/puzzle game that features beautifully drawn and atmospheric levels. It was created by Japanese outfit Makibishi studios to provide, as they put it “an entertainment experience” and “a strange and fascinating world online”. It is playable in Japanese and English. In many ways this is a very



Samorost is a point and click flash adventure game. Since its release in 2003 it has become synonymous with the genre of point and click flash adventure games. It also inspired a host of similar titles. This game leaves a good taste in your mouth. Played entirely by clicking on objects with the mouse, the