How to remove endless loops from a GIF

If you want to remove endless looping behavior from GIFs then read on. I recently had to insert several dozen videos into a PowerPoint presentation, and despite having written an article on how to package embedded videos in PowerPoint as a single file, I decided that the best way to do it would be to


Convert your photos and images to pop art with Pop Art Studio Online

Do you enjoy creating your own works of art? Do you like the Pop Art movement? If you said yes to these questions then Pop Art Studio Online could be for you. It allows you to take any ordinary photograph or other image file and instantly and easily convert it to a ‘pop art’ version

wallpaper illustration3

Three new sources for cool Wallpaper images

I always say that desktop images are more significant than people think, because most so-called ‘knowledge workers’ who typically stare at a computer screen all day, are looking at these images, consciously or subconsciously, all day long. So, therefore, this week we present you with three excellent sources for wallpaper images that we came across


Paint and draw with your mouse or on your tablet with Freehand Painter for Windows

Being visual, and having some skill and talent, I have always been on the watch for good art programs. Among the ones I have enjoyed the most recently is a program called Freehand Painter, a free art program that lets you draw and paint vector based graphics. It is best used with a tablet or


Create and share 3D objects in your browser with 3DTin

3DTin is a great way to create 3D objects for both beginners and more intermediate designers. It features some very helpful video tutorials along with many pre-made examples, and a community of experienced users to help you get started right away. 3DTIn is a great little tool for creating, editing and managing 3D models. There

Panda3D featured image

Panda3D is a total animation solution for programmers and game designers

Panda3D is a free, open-sourced animation solution that can be used to create games, animated films or shorts and other things to bring your imagination to life. It has been used by famous game companies as well as even some tech savvy high school students, and is one of the best programs/engines of its type.

Featured WebGL

Ten ‘Chrome Experiments’ in WebGL that you MUST see

What are Chrome Experiments? Simply put, they are interesting bits of coding that use some of the latest open technologies (e.g. HTML5, Canvas, SVG, and especially WebGL) in a browser setting (not necessarily Chrome). The Google Chrome connection comes from the fact that Google have set up a website to showcase these coding ‘experiments’. This


Convert 2D images into 3D objects with ‘AutoDesk 123D Catch’

If you’ve ever wanted to model an actual physical object in 3D then this software may be extremely useful to you. AutoDesk 123D Catch is free software that can process a group of photographs taken of an object, digitally model it in 3D, and then export the result as a 3D object (in DWX, FBX,

Infinite Painter Scr

Draw and paint on your Android with Infinite Painter – an app designed to emulate ‘real’ mediums

Did you ever think that it would be a good idea to create little drawings or paintings on your cell phone? Neither did I; that is, until I started playing around with Infinite Painter, a free (ad supported) painting app for Android, who which does an excellent job in simulating a wide range of mediums


Get a free alternative to Photoshop or Paintshop with GimPhoto

GimPhoto is a free program that allows you to manipulate and edit your image files in many of the same ways as the retail programs like Photoshop. GimPhoto is designed to approximate Photoshop in many ways; it’s interface design, menu layout, and it’s use of best plugins and resources. If you’re looking for a free


Edit, enhance, and improve your images using PicsArt Photo Studio for Android

PicsArt Photo is free application for Android that allows you to edit, enhance, and add special effects to your photos. Since it runs on your phone, you can manipulate your photos right after taking them, or you can upload them from your computer to the phone. With a small memory footprint, external storage options, as


Make your own movies with full animation and sound with Xtranormal

Xtranormal is a great website and program that will allow you to make you own animated movies with full sound and motion, for free! It is designed with a simple concept: to convert your text into an animation, and it does this by providing a wide array of pre-built characters, contexts, gestures, voices, sounds, vantage