PDF to Word Free: web service that delivers free, high quality PDF to DOC conversions

PDF to Word Free is a free web service that offers high-quality conversions of PDF files to DOC or RTF formats that can be used in Microsoft word or other Rich Text Editors. It lets you upload PDF files through a web interface and will then send the converted file via email as an attachment.


Lookout: a powerful search function for Outlook

Lookout is a free extension that adds a powerful, index-based search box to Outlook with powerful filtering options. Its functionality includes indexing and searching inside Outlook folders, in attachements, and even searching user-specified desktop folders. If you use Outlook you already know that, unless you agree to install the top-heavy Microsoft Desktop search, Outlook in


Impressive: display PDF’s and images as (stylish) PowerPoint-style presentations

Impressive is a free multi-platform app that can display any PDF file or folder containing image files (JPEG, PNG, TIFF and BMP) as a slideshow presentation. It can be used to present PDFs or images as full-screen PowerPoint-style presentations or it can function as a full-screen reader. “Impressive” also offers a combination of sophisticated slide


Ten lesser known “must have” free Programs, part 1

A reader sent an email to ask about a list of “ten must-have” free programs that I would recommend that everyone immediately download and install on their computers, and this is one I have come up with. These 10 are to be the first installment (part 1), with additional “must have” freeware program lists to


Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition: powerful, free disk and partition management

Easeus Partition Manager Home Edition is a free disk partitioning utility that offers a powerful range of functions such as resizing drive partitions, formatting partitions, copying partitions/drives, creating new partitions, deleting partitions, hiding partitions, changing drive letters, setting active partitions, and a handful other functions. [Update 12/4/2008] This review updated to include two new features


Five excellent Internet Explorer extensions which you never knew existed

In this posting I am going to highlight five FREE excellent Internet Explorer extensions that you never knew existed: (1) RCGoogle, (2) IECopySelectedLinks, (3) Find as you type, (4) Favorites Search, and (5) Web Archives Viewer. Internet Explorer may not have the breadth of plugins that exist for Firefox, but it does have many extensions


Q-Dir: the portable file management program that could

Q-Dir is a free file management / explorer replacement program with a light footprint and a nice set of features. It integrates very well with Windows’ desktop environment and employs an innovative interface that makes it very easy to work with multiple file panes. Can be run portably from USB. I’ve tried a great many


Photology: automagically finds images in huge image libraries

Photology is a free image management program designed to navigate large image libraries and find images without the need for tagging or for organizing by folder structure. Instead, Photology scans all images and applies a number of innovative filters such as faces, color, location, time of day, exposure, etc. to find results. This program’s slogan


“Everything”: small, lightning fast desktop search for NTFS drives

“Everything” is a free, lightning fast file and folder name search program that offers right-click context menu integration. It works with NTFS filesystem hard drives only because it does not scan your hard drive but rather uses the Master File Table of the NTFS volume to build its database. If your hard drive(s) is NTFS


Automen: a small yet brilliant video converter

Automen is a free GUI for Mencoder that can perform video conversions across multiple formats and encoders. It supports XviD (for AVI encoding), FLV, X264 (MP4 for Ipod/PSP/PS3), WMV, MPEG4, MPEG2, and Huffyuv and is designed to be simple and straightforward for quick video conversion. I will not mince words: this little program has unexpectedly


Mp3splt-gtk: powerful MP3 and OGG file splitting utility

Mp3splt-gtk is a free multi-platform tool that can split large MP3 or OGG files without re-encoding. It offers a number of different ways to do this, including autodetecting silences, using a a local CDDB or CUE file, and downloading album and track length info from freedb.org . Other options include splitting by fixed time segments


3RVX: stylish, hotkey-enabled volume control

3RVX is a free program that offers volume control through hotkey and/or middle mouse wheel combinations. It also visually represents the volume levels and volume changes on-screen and in the program’s system tray icon. Ever wished that you could raise/lower or mute your PC volume using hotkeys and/or the mouse wheel? With 3RVX you can