Pointy Haired Dilbert: amazing blog offers free Excel templates for download

Pointy Haired Dilbert is a blog that provides some amazing, freely-downloadable MS Excel resources. The philosophy behind the site is a focus on data charting and visualization and on “telling stories” with data. Templates that can be downloaded from the site (all 100% free) include sophisticated reporting dashboards, templates for advanced charts (e.g. bullet graphs,


MetatOgger: audio tagger with “acoustic fingerprinting” and other powerful options

MetatOgger is a free, powerful program for tagging and renaming MP3s and other audio files. It offers the functions you would expect from a tag editor (e.g. mass renaming, tags from filenames or path, scripts to perform editing functions) as well as a few that are not so common, such as “acoustic fingerprinting” of unknown


DriverBackup: easily backup & restore your system drivers

DriverBackup is a free and easy-to-use Device Drivers’ backup and restore utility that comes with command line options, path formatting and automatic driver restoration. It can easily backup and restore all the currently installed device drives automatically without the need for re-downloading drivers or using CD-ROMs. [Editor’s note: this review was written by Freewaregenius contributor


PDF to Excel Free: free PDF to Excel conversions

PDF to Excel Free is a free web service that is specifically designed to convert PDFs with lots of data tables into Excel files. It will automatically detects data tables, transfer them into Excel format, and recreates their formatting and appearance. Conversion is performed remotely on the site; you will have to upload your file


BB Flashback Express: powerful, free screen-recording program

BB Flashback Express is a free screen recording program that can capture your PC’s screen, sound, and webcam video and supports capturing graphics/animations, including 3D graphics. It offers a high degree of control over your video (output resolution, quality, file size, recording modes, mouse autoscroll, and cursor highlighting effects). Saves resulting files as either FLV’s,


How to uninstall anything: free apps that get the job done

Forget Windows’ add/remove programs, there are free programs out there that can do a much better job uninstalling programs, cleaning up afterwards, and/or removing programs in batch. This article presents three handy free programs designed to remove installed applications from your system: Appremover (uninstalls security applications), PC Decrapifier (removed preinstalled crapware), and Revo Uninstraller (cleans


The best free antivirus: a comparison

This posting will discuss which of the following three programs deserves the title of “best freeware antivirus program”: Avira Antivir, Avast, or AVG. My conclusion: all three are very worthy contenders that can hold their own or surpass any heavyweight for-pay antivirus; however Anitvir and Avast are definitely in the first tier, while AVG is


PSPad: a small, powerful, and versatile freeware text editor

PSPad is a text editor with syntax highlighting that supports many languages and file types. It is feature rich, allows you to define your own syntax highlighting for unsupported languages, is highly configurable, and nearly all options are close to hand. [Editor’s note: this review was written by Freewaregenius contributor Carbonize. Check out his tech


MindRaider: note-taking program combines hierarchical outlines, tagging, and visual “mind map” representations

MindRaider is a multi-platform, free note-taking program that combines a tree-like hierarchical organization alongside a “free form” structure based on tagging your notes. It supports many notes formats (rich text, HTML, TWiki, plain text, and even sketches). But what is truly unique about this program is a visual component whereby your notes structure is either


RIOT: powerful, handy image file-size reduction tool

RIOT is a free program which can best be described as an “image size reduction” toolkit. It allows you to reduce the size of your image(s) while previewing a side-by-side before and after. It also delivers a number of handy image tweaking, conversion, and editing tools. One thing that never fails to impress me is

LinkExtend: Firefox plugin puts a wide range of website-related info at your fingertips

LinkExtend is a free Firefox plugin that brings together a wide range of website-related informational services and puts them at your fingertips, as a toolbar on your browser, in the browser’s context menu, and in your Google or Yahoo search results. Available resources include website safety information, site traffic, ratings, and demographics; general site information