DesktopOK: automatically save and restore your desktop icon positions with this tiny app

Do you have a lot of icons on your desktop? Are your icons carefully placed according to some sort of personal scheme or system? Are you annoyed every so often when an event, such as a resolution change or a Windows update, completely messes up your desktop icon placements? DesktopOK is a free app that


Nuance PDF Reader: free reader offers PDF form-filling and saving, online PDF-to-Doc conversions, and direct access to Sharepoint

Nuance PDF Reader is a free PDF document reader and alternative to Adobe Acrobat Reader. It offers a number of nice features, such as the ability to fill PDF forms and save them to your hard drive, the ability to open and save PDFs straight into Sharepoint, and the option to upload your PDFs to


VUE: mind mapping meets data visualization, semantic analysis, and presentation engine

VUE (Visual Understanding Environment) is a free, open source mind mapping and data visualization software developed by the Academic Technology group at Tufts University in Boston. VUE is unique in that it offers a range of innovative functions such as tagging of nodes and of relationships, support for images, videos, and other objects within the


Splayer: impressive, lightweight media player that packs quite a punch

SPlayer is a free, open source media player that is lightweight, well designed, and quite powerful. It promises to play every conceivable media format (including DVD’s and streaming media), and to optimize your audio and video quality to best utilize your hardware specifications. It is light on power consumption, making it ideal for laptop/travel use,


PeerBlock: avoid detection when downloading from torrent or p2p networks

PeerBlock is an open source IP filtering application partially based on the PeerGuardian code. It is designed to prevent your computer from making undesirable connections, such as to machines flagged for anti p2p activities, corporations, governments, etc. This can significantly decrease your chances of being detected when downloading from p2p or Torrent networks, or of


MP3 Diags: diagnose and repair your MP3 audio library

MP3 Diags is a free program that can scan your audio library for problems (including issues with invalid streams, low quality issues, incomplete tags, audio normalization, and others) and provides the ability to fix these. It includes an audio tag editor that can pull track data from MusicBrainz and Discogs, and can use MP3Gain from


PhotoFilmStrip: create videos from images (including Ken Burns style zooming in/out effect)

If you’ve ever wanted to string a bunch of images together into an animation then PhotoFilmStrip is for you. PhotoFilmStrip is a free program that can create video from images quickly and easily, including the Ken Burns style zoom-in/zoom-out effect commonly used in documentaries. Other features include the ability to add subtitles, add a soundtrack,


Viewer2: unique, innovative image viewing and tagging app

Viewer2 is a free image viewing and tagging app that combines form and function into a powerful program that is a joy to use. It offers an innovative tagging process based on organizing image thumbnails and folders visually and grouping them in various ways that make it very easy to work with and tag them.


JStock: powerful tool to manage and monitor stocks

JStock is a free, open source stock-monitoring software. It can create a database of stocks and download and deliver data and charts for these in real time for more than 20 world markets and going back up to 10 years. It can also set-up stock portfolios where it records all transactions and calculates profit or


DiskCryptor: encrypt hard disk partitions, flash drives, and CD/DVD media with this versatile tool

DiskCryptor is a free, open source disk encryption software. It encrypts entire hard drive partitions, including the system partition as well as flash drives in real time without affecting performance. It can also create encrypted CDs/DVDs (through the use of disk image .ISO files). It offers excellent performance for mounted encrypted volumes and a good


FreeFileSync: powerful folder comparison and synchronization tool

FreeFileSync is a free/open source folder and file synchronization program that features a beautiful, two pane user interface and a host of powerful options. It can do the following: compare files by their content or by file size and date, synchronize files and subfolders, process multiple pairs of folders at once, load/save folder comparison sessions,


Gsplit: powerful, versatile tool to split any file

GSplit is a freeware program that can split any file, even extremely large files, in any number of ways including by user-defined sizes or predefined sizes, by spanning across a number of removable disks/media, by number of desired pieces, or even by number of individual lines or occurrences of a pattern in the file. It