Freac: powerful audio converter and CD ripper, optimized for multi-core PCs

While there are many free programs that can rip CD’s and perform audio file conversions, many of them do not support multi-core processing. For most modern PC’s this means that the software does not utilize the full processing power of your machine, resulting in longer encoding and conversion times (significantly longer if, say, you were

Okozo desktop: display animated, flash-based interactive wallpapers on your desktop

Okozo desktop installs flash-based animated desktop wallpaper on Windows Vista and Windows 7, utilizing DirectX 9.0c and Adobe flash. Because they are flash-based, Okozo desktop animations differ from the “dreamscene” WMV-based desktop animations in that they can provide a wide range of interactive functionality, such as being able to respond to cursor movements, to display


Find and Run Robot: a brilliant search-box style launcher and task management app

Find and Run Robot (FARR) a free “search box” style launcher similar to previously mentioned Launchy. These kinds of programs scan certain locations on your hard drive, including your start menu, and provide a floating search box that pops-up on demand to display matching results for programs and files as you type into them. But

Actions: automate all kinds of repetitive tasks via drag and drop (without writing a line of code)

Actions is a free automation app that can perform a wide range of time consuming tasks quickly and efficiently. Examples of these are limited by your needs and your imagination: renaming files in batch, copying or moving files or folders, resizing and renaming images, backing up specific files or folders, etc. The range of options


CleanHaven: clean up and manipulate text and lists like a pro

CleanHaven is a free text cleanup and manipulation app for Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is not a simple program that merely converts text-case and removes unprintable characters (similar to the many “email cleaning” apps that are out there); but is a sophisticated, well designed ” swiss army knife” of a tool for text manipulation


Grindstone: measure the time you spend on tasks

If you’ve ever wanted to measure the time you spend working on various tasks or projects then you should check out this free program. Grindstone is a kind of to-do list with a twist. It will let you create a list of tasks and an (optional) estimated time of completion and/or a due date, as


Sculptris: free, user-friendly 3D modeling and digital sculpting program for the masses

Sculptris is a free digital sculpting/3D modeling program that is both powerful and extremely easy to use. It provides a digital modeling experience that is very similar to creating real life models out of clay, whereupon the virtual clay simply materializes from thin air and can be quickly shaped, prodded, cut, modified, and added. In


Freemake Video Converter: stylish, user friendly video and DVD conversion, burning, and editing program

This is the kind of video conversion program that feels like it belongs in an Apple store; slick, clean-looking, with a lot of white space and colorful buttons in it’s interface, and as little information crammed on the screen at any one time as possible. It also delivers exactly what is promised, which is always


Calibre: a single place to view, tag, and manage your ebook collection

Last week Amazon announced that its sales of ebooks, in units, have exceeded its sales of hardback books. Further proof, of course, that the age of the ebook is upon us, and all the more reason for you to check out Calibre, a free, multiplatform ebook management software that is simply best in class. Calibre


Soluto: use the wisdom of the crowd to optimize your PC and make it run and boot faster

Is your system too overloaded with apps? Does it take way too much time to boot up? Would you like a simple, uncomplicated software that can help you optimize the programs that load on Windows startup and decrease the time it takes your system to boot up? If so, you should check out Soluto. This


Partition Wizard Home Edition: excellent, free partition management utility

Partition Wizard is a free partition management utility that works on both 32bit and 64bit systems. It offers a wide range of functions, including creating, resizing, formatting, copying, deleting, and hiding partitions. Other functions include setting active partitions, changing drive letters, performing hard drive surface scans, checking the file system on your partitions, and even