Host, chat, and record live video events on Vokle, a free program for next-gen conferencing.

Vokle is a great new free program (in Beta at the time of this article) that allows you and others to connect through video conference. It offers added structure and features you may not find anywhere else for free.There’s no shortage of programs and web sites that will allow you to video chat with multiple

Udacity Screenshot

Take a free technology course online at Udacity.com

Udacity is a free online university with a focus on the world of technology. It was started by Stanford University-affiliated roboticists, and could quite easily be the future of online education. Their mission is to make education available to the masses for free, on a scope and reach like never before. If you do a


It’s Windows! It’s Linux! No, it’s Zorin, a full featured Linux OS that looks and feels just like Windows

What if I told you that you could run a 100% free, full fledged OS that can do anything that you would want from a PC, such as an internet browsing, gaming, viewing and managing media files, email, and that even offers an advanced office application, etc? This, in a nutshell, is the promise of


Duel with Tron-inspired light cycles in Armagetron Advanced – a simple game with sophisticated AI

Armagetron Advanced is a completely free game that simulates the light cycle duels seen in the movie Tron and Tron Legacy. With split screen multiplayer, sophisticated AI, and innovative game play, Armagetron Advanced is already a great game, and the developers are constantly working to make it even better. Armagetron Advanced is multiplatform (Windows/Mac/Linux). The


Create your own web magazine in minutes with Scoop.it

Have you ever thought about starting a blog about a subject that interests you? A lot of people like the idea in theory, but writing posts regularly is not easy to keep up. What if instead you could write the occasional opinion piece and simply add related articles from other sites and blogs to your

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Looking for a best-in-class screenshot capture program? ‘Screenshot Captor’ might just be it

Free screenshot capture software run the gamut from the most simple and perfunctory to sophisticated programs rich in features and functions. Screenshot Captor belongs in the latter category, and is without a doubt the most complex and advanced free program of it’s kind. This program is not new and in fact has has been around

Wunderkit is a free, comprehensive task management and project collaboration platform

Wunderkit Beta is a free browser-based organizational and networking tool. Otherwise known as a ‘productivity platform’ it combines organizational essentials like task lists and project management tools with networking functions to give you a well-rounded solution for your needs, whether they are business or personal. You may have read about Wunderkit’s sister project previously on


Make your own awesome 2D games with Construct 2

Construct 2 is a great freeware program that lets you create and distribute your very own casual games, based on a programming language called HTML5. Construct 2 makes it easy, however, so you don’t really need to know much of anything about programming or coding. Once you create your games you can send them out

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Create 3D games without coding with Kodu Game Labs

Kodu Game Labs from Microsoft is a powerful, free game creation engine for children and adults alike. Originally designed for the easy creation of 3D games on the Xbox using only a game controller, games can be constructed by combining visual elements together to construct the game environment and logic. Kodu does this by provding

Best of 2011

The ten best free programs of 2011

Many sites have “best of year” program lists that are really “best of all time”; so is this one of them? Well, yes and no. This is a list of the best free software that has either been launched in 2011, or has been significantly improved upon and come into it’s own in 2011 (for


Challenge yourself with “Keys of A Gamespace”, an ‘expressive’ point and click adventure game

It’s rare that a game comes along these days that really creeps me out. With such things as the Resident Evil series, Dead Space, Silent Hill, and all the other games that are in  the horror or survival horror genre, I sometimes get the feeling that I’ve been de-sensitized to anything really scary or creepy.