Star Trek Online is now free to play!

Star Trek Online (STO) is a great modern mmorpg from the folks at cryptic and it’s been one of the most successful mmo game launches ever. It was therefore a surprise that it went free 2 play so quickly. Cyberspace… the virtual frontier. This is the article that will tell you how you can get


Ask questions of Facebook friends anonymously with is a nifty gadget that lets you ask questions on Facebook anonymously. It’s free, fun and can be amazingly informative for both long time friends and new acquaintances. Facebook is probably the biggest social site on the Internet, or close to it. I don’t know the specific numbers or traffic data but it’s a


Run your favorite Android Apps and Games on your Windows or Mac with BlueStacks Beta

BlueStacks Beta is a great program for Windows and Mac OS that will let you run your favorite Android Games and Apps right on your desktop system. It’s totally free to download and use during the Beta phase of development, and very easy to get started. I have an Android Tablet. My neighbor has an


Study almost any subject online with others for free with OpenStudy

OpenStudy is a free web site that helps you connect with other people on the Internet to help you study online via Q&A. It is possibly one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time, because it is so simple and powerful in both concept and design. There’s a lot of free


Save interesting articles for later reading on your PC, iOS, or Android device, with ‘Pocket’

If I told you that ‘Pocket’ is the bookmarking service ‘Read it Later’, relabeled and relaunched, would you lose interest in this article? You shouldn’t, because with Pocket not only are the articles that you save bookmarked in the cloud in ‘Read it Later’ or ‘Instapaper’ fashion, but also downloaded in their entirety on your


Get a free alternative to Photoshop or Paintshop with GimPhoto

GimPhoto is a free program that allows you to manipulate and edit your image files in many of the same ways as the retail programs like Photoshop. GimPhoto is designed to approximate Photoshop in many ways; it’s interface design, menu layout, and it’s use of best plugins and resources. If you’re looking for a free


Supercharge your web cam with SplitCam: add effects, broadcast to IM services, use with multiple programs at once, etc.

SplitCam is a free the program that not only allows you to split the output of your web cam but also allows you to do that nearly anything else you can think of with your web cam, such as adding effects to live video, using your webcam with more than one application at once, and


Surf the net anonymously and go around firewalls and geo-restrictions with Ultrasurf

Ultrasurf is free, proxy-based ‘anti censorship’, ‘pro-privacy’ software. It tunnels through firewalls (whether at work or country-wide), encrypts online communications, hides your real IP from the websites that you are visiting, automatically deletes your browser history, and provides you with a US-based location so that you can access geographically restricted websites such as Hulu or


Teach your children to read using phonics – for free – at

Reading Bear is a completely free website that teaches you (or your children) how to read. It uses the most basic and simple parts of reading, called phonics or phonetics, to teach them not only how to recognize words but how to read new ones without looking them up in the dictionary. When I was

Anomei Screenshot1

Partition your hard drive with Aomei Partition Assistant Home Edition, a powerful yet simple free program

There’s been a proliferation of excellent free hard drive partitioning software in the past year or two. These programs typically offer all the basic partitioning functionality for free (e.g. creating, resizing, formatting, copying, deleting, setting active partitions, as well as advanced functions such as USB drive support, virtual disk partitions, and support for MBR and


Map your mind in vibrant 3D graphics with Topicscape Student Edition

Topicscape SE (student edition) is a unique, free visual mind-mapping tool that it is rendered in vibrant 3D color-coded graphics. By incorporating the third dimension into the idea of mind-mapping software and making it more visually interactive, Topicscape SE helps you access and better organize your notes, information and research for any project or idea.