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Readefine may be the best desktop-based Google Reader client

Let’s face it: Google Reader is the world’s foremost RSS aggregator. If you do use it, you may have seen a number of desktop clients and browser extensions that tweak it’s layout, attempt to beautify it, and make it more accessible via a newspaper style interface. That, in a nutshell, is what this free Adobe

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The best free disk imaging program: a comparative analysis (updated)

What is the best way to safeguard your computer and undo a system disaster? Most would agree that is done best by making a  so called ‘disk image’, where your entire system partition is backed up and cloned, and the image saved on a different physical hard drive. Disk images are also an excellent way


Explore the human body for free with ‘The BioDigital Human’

Are you a student or a fan of biology and the human body? The BioDigital Human is a great free resource that can provide education and fun by giving you a new way to look at and learn about the human body in general and even specific systems. The BioDigital Human. Sounds like a modern

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Identify unknown phone numbers with Truecaller for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone

I remember a time, not so long ago, when the only way to know who was calling on the phone was to pick it up. These days, a phone call will display the name, number, and (often) the picture of whoever is calling your mobile phone if they are in your contacts list. For those

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Nova Launcher just might be the best free launcher for Android

One of the things I liked the most about Android when I switched from iOS was the fact that you could run a third party launcher that can thoroughly customize your phone’s interface, and change the way your interact with the device. We tried many free Android launchers, and can happily report: Nova Launcher, a

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Get tons of awesome games FREE, with Jogobox for Windows

Do you love games and like an easier way to find and play new ones? Jogobox could be the answer for you, as it offers free games of both the browser and installable variety, as well as constantly offering new content,  all at no cost! Jogobox is a new way to play and store your


Publish and share ANYTHING, blog-post style, with

Remember post cards? One side with a pretty or amusing picture and the other side to write whatever you want to whomever you want, they were a great way to say ‘wish you were here’ or ‘thinking of you’ and other such things. Remember bulletin boards? A big expanse of cork that would let you


The best free data recovery tool: 14 undelete tools compared

We’ve all deleted files and folders by mistake, or formatted a drive, and subsequently realized that we wanted or needed some or all of the lost data. The good news is that, depending on your use of the hard drive after deletion, most or all of the data still might be there, potentially salvageable with


Two of the best Wikipedia-based games that are free to play

Wikipedia is a very popular source of information on the Internet, arguments about accuracy notwithstanding. Did you know, however, that it can also be a source of entertainment? There are tons of great ways to use Wikipedia sites as games and this post will cover two of the absolute best. The Wiki Game is a

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Another two fantastic FREE games for Android

We published a post last month entitled “Two insanely addictive free games for Android”. This post is a follow-up to that one, featuring another two excellent, addictive games that are free to play: Radiant Defense and Dead Trigger. Radiant Defense is a highly polished Tower Defense game that, once you start playing it, will suck

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Two insanely addictive FREE games for Android

Quick: how many games do you have installed on your Android, and how many of these do you actually play? Let’s face it, there aren’t too many games that are worth playing. The two games in this post, Robotek and Tripletown, are different. Not only are they super addictive, but they are also free. These

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Learn to meditate with’s free online meditation courses, videos, and MP3’s

Onlinemeditation is a great site that will help you get into the larger universe of meditation and self-discovery and improvement. It costs absolutely nothing and is a veritable bottomless well of information on meditation, methods and practical advice. Have you ever watched someone meditate? Those who are very good at it can appear to be