RipIt4Me Screenshot


Ripit4me is a program that works with either DVD Decrypter or DVD Shrink to rip copy protected DVD’s onto the hard drive. It acts as a front-end for those other ripping programs and will not do the ripping itself; RipIt4Me’s added value is that it enables these programs to handle stronger copy protections that some



CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) removes all sorts of unused files, temp files, cookies, log files, cached files and other files from your computer. This is something that all computer users should do on a regular basis, not just to free up space on the hard drive but for better performace as well. A hard drive cleaner

Comodo Firewall Screenshot

Comodo Firewall

Another program in Comodo’s stable of free software is it’s Comodo Firewall, which provides protection against trojans, identity theft hackers, malicious scripts, and other external and internal threats. I am a sucker for software that looks really cool and professional and is effective to boot, all of which can be said about this one. From what I’ve read in

Spyware Terminator Screenshot

Spyware Terminator

This is one of the most exciting free programs I’ve come across in a while. Finally a very good antispyware program that you can install and forget, knowing that you have effective real time protection with automatic live updates. This might not sound so revolutionary but it is, because most good freeware antispyware programs, including well

Unlocker ScreenShot


Ever had a file or folder refuse to be deleted or renamed? This most likely happens because another program or process is still in memory and still accessing that file or folder. Unlocker is a nifty utility that enables you to “unlock” files or folders that are being held by other processes and is easily