Download YouTube videos as podcasts with ‘RSS Handler’

Are you the kind of person who watches YouTube videos 24 hours a day, or even just one particular channel on a regular basis? If so, RSS Handler could become your best friend. It is meant to take YouTube URLs and turn them into podcast feed links that you can use to get your favorite


Spin like a pro with Virtual DJ Home FREE

We’ve all wanted to be able to mix our music like the pro’s do at one point or another, but who has time or money to go out and get one of those big mixing boards and then find a place for it in the house, etc. ? Not many, but Virtual DJ is there

Flutter Screenshot

Play or pause your music or videos with a wave of your hand using Flutter and your webcam

Flutter is one of those rare finds that is just absolutely fun and brilliant in it’s conception. It is a program for Windows or Mac that will let you control your media with a wave of your hand. If you have a webcam, Flutter will monitor to and respond to your hand movements, Kinect-style, in


Stream videos from your desktop to your iOS or Android device wirelessly with Air Playit

Air Playit is a handy little free program that allows you to stream videos and music from your home computer to your Android or iOS mobile device. It features such smart options as on-the-fly conversion, support for multiple file formats, and built-in HTTP support, along with support for Apple’s proprietary TV-Out system. As it progresses

Banshee Screenshot

Organize your multimedia with Banshee

Banshee is an open source freeware multimedia manager that will help you organize and centralize your media. It is loaded with tons of options for sorting, organizing and playing your music and video files, and even has a nifty ‘favorites’ feature that tracks what files you play most often and remembers them for use in


Create audiobooks with chapter marks in M4B format with ‘Chapter and Verse’

Do you listen to audiobooks on iTunes, iPhone or iPad? If so, check to see whether your audiobooks are in m4b format, and whether each audiobook is contained within a single file or spanned across multiple audio files. The reason for this is that an audiobook in a single M4B file can provide you with


Stream your music, playlists, podcasts to multiple PC’s and devices with AudioGalaxy

Let’s say you’ve got a snazzy, large music collection on your hard drive at home, and that you would like to take it with you; get access to it from your computer at work, from your iPhone or Android device. And let’s say you want to do this without having to transfer and copy files

MiniLyrics Screenshot1

MiniLyrics: displays song lyrics, synchronized to your music

How would you like to be able to see your song lyrics on-screen in step with your music? Minilyrics is an add-on for a wide range of popular music players that downloads and displays lyrics, and synchronizes them to the music. Supported music players include: Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, MediaMonkey, Songbird, AIMP2, J. River


Download mp3s and automatically add them to Itunes with Tunestor

Tunestor is an extension for IE and Firefox that allows for downloading MP3s and adding them to your Itunes library in one fell swoop from the browser context menu. This browser extension aims to condense what would typically involve 4 different steps into a single, simple right-click command. While normally you would need to (1)