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Find, stream, and download MP3 tracks or entire albums with MP3Jam

Everybody know it: spend some time and effort on Google, and you’re likely to find a download link to any mp3 track that you are interested in. But you don’t really have to do this, because there are many free desktop programs that can find mp3 downloads for you from many sources across the internet,


Listen to and download internet radio manually or automatically with Radiozilla

Radiozilla is a cool little program that lets you listen to and save Internet radio station content. It can work with a single click, and it is entirely free to download and use forever. Remember back in the old days when you were listening to the radio and for one reason or another (hate commercials,


Last posting removed (and other options for audio downloads)

I’ve received a couple of emails about my last post, which has since been removed but many people can still read on their RSS readers. Since reviewing the program (an MP3 downloading engine) I received multiple reports on email and in the comments, which I will quote here: “it installs a search toolbar and changes