How to convert STEREO audio files to MONO in batch, using free software

Typically, to convert stereo to mono, I would load up the audio files, one by one, into my favorite free audio editor (Audacity), and take it from there. But the obvious problem with this approach when you need to transform multiple files is that it can be very time consuming. Instead, I needed to find

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Free Giveaway: AudioGrail, a comprehensive audio file toolbox

Another week, another great giveaway. This time around it’s AudioGrail, a complete, all-in-one toolkit for working with audio files. The nice people at KSoft are making the complete, full version of this program available free of charge for 3 days, from Jun 5rd until end of day on June 7th. AudioGrail can organize your MP3s,

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ColorPiano for Chrome will help you learn to play the piano – for free!

Ever wished you could learn to play the piano but don’t have the time or patience or money to go out and get lessons (not to mention the fact that even a baby piano can take up a lot of room)? ColorPiano may be able to come to your rescue, at least in part. It

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Audiosauna Beta gives you a complete audio studio for free

Do you enjoy creating music or mixing your own song versions? Audiosauna Beta is a full-featured complete audio solution for making your own tracks and editing almost any audio file you want. It is loaded with useful features and costs nothing to use! Audiosauna is an online web service that provides a full audio suite


Spin like a pro with Virtual DJ Home FREE

We’ve all wanted to be able to mix our music like the pro’s do at one point or another, but who has time or money to go out and get one of those big mixing boards and then find a place for it in the house, etc. ? Not many, but Virtual DJ is there

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Five FREE tools for Musicians (and music lovers)

If you listen to music and  find yourself thinking about the different individual tracks, or wondering how the song will sound if it was transposed a few tones or if it was in a different key, or if you just like to experiment with music, then you will probably like these 5 free tools. ‘Sonic



MP3myMP3 is a program that can record any sound coming into or out of your PC straight into MP3 format. If it can be played on your machine MP3myMP3 can record it. This is a very straightforward yet useful program that has a variety of uses, as follows: Allows you to record any input through



Mediacoder is a free universal transcoder that can be used to convert across many different audio and video formats. It offers advanced features including batch encoding and extendability through plugins. If you’ve ever wanted a program that can convert any media format to another (audio and video), this is the program that you’re looking for.