Freemake Music Box Screenshot

Find and listen to music online with Freemake Music Box

Freemake Music Box is a free program that will let you find and listen to almost any song online and create playlists. It is a bit like Spotify, minus the geographic restrictions and the ads, but also minus the support for handheld devices and playlist sharing between users. Note that downloading music tracks locally is

WMP context menu entries removed

How to remove Windows Media Player from the Windows 7 right click context menu

Many people do not use Windows Media Player, and yet we all seem to be stuck with the ubiquitous WMP context menu entries in Windows, cluttering the right click menu. Worse yet somewhere along the line Microsoft has inserted a strange “shop for music online” context menu entry in what seems to be a fit


SLAG-FS: a simple Windows gadget that lets you see your music from across the room

SLAG-FS is a gadget for Windows 7 and Vista that lets you play your music in full screen interface for maximum entertainment value. Featuring support for Windows Media Player 11 and 12, SLAG-FS is designed for use on large monitors or televisions, so you can see and control your music without having to be at


Interact with your music with Jajuk Advanced Jukebox

Do you have gigabytes worth of music files? Have trouble finding the one you want at a given moment? Want to get album covers and lyrics for the tracks you own? Jajuk Advanced Jukebox is free software that can help you with all this and more. [Note: this post was written by Freewaregenius contributor B.C.


Stream your music, playlists, podcasts to multiple PC’s and devices with AudioGalaxy

Let’s say you’ve got a snazzy, large music collection on your hard drive at home, and that you would like to take it with you; get access to it from your computer at work, from your iPhone or Android device. And let’s say you want to do this without having to transfer and copy files

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MiniLyrics: displays song lyrics, synchronized to your music

How would you like to be able to see your song lyrics on-screen in step with your music? Minilyrics is an add-on for a wide range of popular music players that downloads and displays lyrics, and synchronizes them to the music. Supported music players include: Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes, MediaMonkey, Songbird, AIMP2, J. River



MediaMonkey is an advanced music manager comprising a music player, cd ripper, audio converter, ID3 Tag editor, and playlist generator. It also supports external MP3 players, including the Ipod. If you’ve been looking for a free program that can be a kind of one-stop-shop of audio, doing everything that you might possibly want to do