Five Audio Players which you never heard of

Five AWESOME free audio players that you never heard of

Are you looking for a good, interesting free audio player?, or maybe you’re interested in checking out audio players that are built around an interesting feature or concept? Either way, you should check out some of the audio players featured below. The list of titles featured here: GOM Audio Player, Tomahawk, Meson Player, Winyl, and

Plane9 feat

Plane9 is a music-visualization screensaver

Do you love music? Do you love screensavers? Do you love visualizations? We do, which is why we are excited about Plane9, a free software which installs as a screensaver or plugin for Winamp and Windows Media Player. It detects and reacts to any playing music on Windows Vista and Windows 7 and acts as

Subsonic Feat2

Stream and organize your media for free with Subsonic (for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone)

Are you overwhelmed by all the media on your system and want to centralize it? Do you want to be able to stream your videos and songs from a single location to your mobile or other media device? If so, Subsonic could come to your rescue by letting you do those things without charging you

Flutter Screenshot

Play or pause your music or videos with a wave of your hand using Flutter and your webcam

Flutter is one of those rare finds that is just absolutely fun and brilliant in it’s conception. It is a program for Windows or Mac that will let you control your media with a wave of your hand. If you have a webcam, Flutter will monitor to and respond to your hand movements, Kinect-style, in

MixZing feat

Play and organize your music on Android with MixZing Media Player

MixZing Media Player is a great application for Android OS 1.5 or higher, that will allow you to manage, play, and otherwise interact with your music, video, and playlist files on your Android device. It is free to download and use, and has tons of useful features, such as audio tag editing, acoustic fingerprint identification

Banshee Screenshot

Organize your multimedia with Banshee

Banshee is an open source freeware multimedia manager that will help you organize and centralize your media. It is loaded with tons of options for sorting, organizing and playing your music and video files, and even has a nifty ‘favorites’ feature that tracks what files you play most often and remembers them for use in