How to convert STEREO audio files to MONO in batch, using free software

Typically, to convert stereo to mono, I would load up the audio files, one by one, into my favorite free audio editor (Audacity), and take it from there. But the obvious problem with this approach when you need to transform multiple files is that it can be very time consuming. Instead, I needed to find


Want a tiny yet powerful portable audio converter? Check out free FlicFlac

FlicFlac is a small, highly portable tool for converting audio files from one format to another. It supports a number of different file formats, is completely free to download and use, and can be run portably. It can even add a ‘Convert with FlicFlac’ entry to Windows’ right click context menu that appears when right


Three simple and easy free Text To Speech tools

In many cases it is easier to hear than to read. Hence, the audiobook and the slew of other products and ideas that take the written word and make it spoken. Text to speech tools in fact are all over the internet, which has turned it into an easily recognizable technology (rather than something you’d


Two great “Free Speech” tools for Chrome

In honor of July fourth, and because I write about my experiences and opinions, I thought a couple of free speech extensions would be appropriate for this post. Chrome Speak and Speak to Search are two great tools for Chrome that can make your browsing life easier and free up your eyes and hands when screenshot

Send short voice messages on Twitter, Facebook, or email with

With all the text messages glutting up the internet, why not ‘make yourself heard’ by sending a short voice message instead. You can do this with, a free text-to-speech tool that can encode your message into the URL, such that all you need to do is share or send it (or a shortened version

Media functions in the right click

Useful functions for your right click menu [Part 1: media files]

The right click context menu in Windows, in my opinion, is one of the best interface devices ever conceived. The simple fact that you could have a different set of commands when right clicking a folder, a text file, or an MP3 (as examples) makes it that much easier to use PC’s and adds tremendously


Make custom ringtones with MuseTips Free Mp3 Ringtone Maker for PC and Ringdroid for Android

Ever wanted to use a part of a song as your ringtone? You can, and it doesn’t have to cost a cent. Free Mp3 Ringtone Maker lets you clip your mp3 files into ringtones for use with most cellular phones. It’s simple, easy, and efficient. It lacks frills and extras, but it does what it


Create audiobooks with chapter marks in M4B format with ‘Chapter and Verse’

Do you listen to audiobooks on iTunes, iPhone or iPad? If so, check to see whether your audiobooks are in m4b format, and whether each audiobook is contained within a single file or spanned across multiple audio files. The reason for this is that an audiobook in a single M4B file can provide you with


Convert & manage your media with FreeStudio from DVDVideoSoft

Finally there’s a solid and reliable solution for converting and managing all your media files in one place. It’s called FreeStudio from DVDVideoSoft. I first came across this program when I was trying to find a quick and easy way to convert my .avi files to watch them on my phone. I don’t have an


Convert audio formats, combine audio files, and extract audio tracks from videos with Freemake Audio Converter

Now that your entire music collection, your audio books, and videos, (and even your family recordings from when you were eight) are on a hard drive, you might want to have a dependable, user-friendly tool to convert across different audio formats, as well as for performing various tasks such as merging audio files or extracting


Fix the audio in podcasts or camcorder footage conversations with “The Levelator”

Have you ever heard recorded audio where the voice of the interviewer was so much louder than the voices of his/her interlocutors, or vice versa, or some of the guests were closer to the microphone and thus were louder than others? Certainly you’ve seen this if you’ve had to audio record interviews or conversations, or


Freac: powerful audio converter and CD ripper, optimized for multi-core PCs

While there are many free programs that can rip CD’s and perform audio file conversions, many of them do not support multi-core processing. For most modern PC’s this means that the software does not utilize the full processing power of your machine, resulting in longer encoding and conversion times (significantly longer if, say, you were