Browse geo-tagged panoramic images at Panoye

Panoye is a community-driven photo sharing site with a twist: all uploaded images are panoramic, 360° views, and all of them are geo-tagged to show you exactly where the photos were taken on a map of the earth. I must admit to a certain fondness for panoramic photos and 360° views, which is why I


Five freeware programs to help you find the optimal informational tooltips for most file types

this posting will present an overview of a number of freeware options that can add informational tooltips to various file types. Informational tooltips are those informational windows that appear when you hover the mouse over various files. Five programs are presented here including Infotag Magic, Filetip, Thumbview, MediaCoder, and Audioshell. Shortly after publishing my Infotag


My favorite “lone tree and sky” wallpaper images

in this posting I present 5 of my favorite wallpaper images, all of which feature a single, lonely tee typically surrounded by an expansive sky and/or field. There is an image that I’ve been using as my wallpaper for a very long time of a single, lone tree in a brown field, illuminated by the


Unleash the voyeur within with Flickrvision

Flickvision is a web site that displays pictures being uploaded to Flickr and the location they are being uploaded from on a map of the world in real time. It’s been just over a week since I wrote about Fotoree, a recommendation engine that makes it easy to find images you like on Flickr, and

Free travel guides: the Economist’s city guides, country briefings, and audio business guides

The Economist magazine provides city guides to more than two dozen cities worldwide, as well as audio business guides and country briefings, all freely accessible. The Economist is the only print publication I subscribe to, and is definitely one of the best magazines in the world. They also provide city guides and other resources on their website to more that two


Find images you like with Photoree

Photoree is a web-based recommendation engine for images. It can learn what kind of images that the user likes by serving images and asking for a simple thumbs-up, thumbs-down or no rating, and can use this information to point the user to images/photographs that it thinks he/she will like. It is based on a database


FeedCrier delivers RSS updates to your IM client in real time

FeedCrier is a free web service that delivers RSS feeds into your IM client and works with AIM, MSN, and Jabber/GTalk. It can also provide a widget for your website that your readers can use to quickly subscribe to your site’s RSS feed and have it delivered into their IM clients. If (a) you use


VirusTotal delivers the collective wisdom of 32 viruskillers on-demand

Virustotal is a web service that provides on-demand scanning of your local files for worms, trojans, and all kinds of malware detected by antivirus engines. It allows you to upload any local file up to 10 megs in size and will perform a scan across 30+ different virus scanning engines (which include all of the


Send email notes to yourself with Note2email

Note2Email is a website that allows you to send quick emails to yourself or others through a simple form. You can optionally enter in a special encryption key such that the recipient will only be able to read the email if they know it. Have you ever logged into your email account in order to


Filter your RSS feeds, blend them into one, or convert them to email messages

this posting will cover three online services that provide solutions for common RSS issues, namely: filtering you RSS feeds by user-defined keyword(s), consolidating multiple feeds into one, and converting RSS feeds into email updates. is a web service that can filter your RSS feeds based on keywords that you specify. Needless to say this


How to broadcast your Google Reader ‘starred items’ to an RSS feed or widget on your blog

’Starred Items’ are a feature of Gmail and Google Reader designed to give you quick access to these items. What you might not know, however, is that it is possible to broadcast your Google Reader starred items into their own RSS feed that you can share with friends or display locally on your desktop, or


Find large format album artwork at AlbumArt.og is a site that provides searchable CD and DVD art in large format. I’ve always used Amazon to download album art, which doesn’t provide large size images, and is on occasion unable to deliver artwork for some titles. My second resource is typically Google image search, which is unpredictable. This is why I was