Announcing: is a project conceived and created by Andrey from in collaboration with Freewaregenius and It’s purpose is present a stream of the latest freeware software updates with links to postings/reviews of the software published on Freewaregenius, Ghacks, and Just imagine: a stream of the latest freeware software updates with links to


Featured sites week 13, 09: BackupURL, Oddee, Tagoo, Keyboardr, and PhoneArena

Five bookmarks you will like to add this week! BackupURL,, Tagoo, Keyboardr, and PhoneArena. [Editor’s note: this post was written by Freewaregenius contributor Gaurav Paul, who introduced the idea of a “featured bookmarks” weekly post].


AnAppAday: 30 free apps created in 30 days

AnAppAday is one blogger/programmer’s month long project where he created one app per day for 30 days straight. Using the pseudonym “The software Jedi” he did this during the period between 9/15/2006 and 10/14/2006 and published it on a blog. I was searching Google for something (I now forget what) and stumbled on this blog.


Updates week12, 09: Mikogo, TaggedFrog, Mp3splt-gtk, LiberTV

AN issue I struggle with is how to write-up new updates and developments that occur after my review of a program is published. I have therefore decided to do what some other blogs do and start publishing a “weekly software update” post, of which this is the first one. Noteworthy this week Mikogo: screen and


Support Donationcoder

Donationcoder is having their 4th anniversary fundraiser this month. Please support them. If you’re not familiar with it, Donationcoder is one of the web’s best sources for high quality, free and donationware software. But’s its more than that: Donationcoder is a community of coders and software enthusiasts, a site that been successful in sustaining an


Freewaregenius rises from the ashes!

After being offline for most of the past week, Freewaregenius is finally back online. I am hoping at this point that all the issues are resolved. The site should be running faster than it was before. There is a blank space on the upper right where my Ajax navigation tabs used to be that is


How to create shortcuts with a relative path for use on USB drives

this posting will describe how to create program shortcuts on the root folder of a USB drive that preserve the relative path of the USB drive’s folder structure (such that these shortcuts will always work no matter what drive letter Windows assigns the drive). It will also aim to preserve the icon of the application


Evri: re-discover the interconnected web

Evri is a web service that indexes parts of the internet, reads and linguistically “understands” it and discovers connections between entities based on the activity of texts and articles. It then allows you to browse information within the dynamically built (and constantly changing) structure of interconnected entities that it finds. Not freeware, but a free


Watch the new Indiana Jones: Raiders of the lost brick for free

Right here on Freewaregenius! Hark Hark! If you like Lego animations (and like to laugh) check out the Darth Vader “Death Star Canteen” skit. — it’s the funniest thing ever!.


Moby Gratis: find free music for your independent, student, or non-profit film, courtesy of Moby

Moby Gratis is an archive of instrumental music clips created by the alternative rock/electronic music maestro Moby. These are available to anyone to download and legally use in their film projects, provided that these are independent, student, non-commercial, or non-profit films. One day I will make a film, and it will be fantastic (you’ll see!).


How to find a freeware game

Over the past few months there seems to have been an explosion of games released as freeware. This posting will present a sort of meta-index of freeware games-lists that I have found on the net. At first when this posting was conceived I was going to put together a list of my favorite freeware games;


Find the nearest free wireless internet spot with Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder

Free Wi-Fi Hotspot Finder is a web service that can give you a list of free wireless internet locations for any address of your choosing and present these locations visually on a map of the area. If, say, you’re going to a conference, going to visit relatives, or for whatever reason will be in an