Software Mysteries (or: the rants and raves of a tech blogger)

I have installed and tested many hundreds of software titles since (and before) I started publishing this blog more than five years ago, and have a few observations that puzzle me that I wanted to share. For example, I see an excellent, polished program that talented developers have spent many hours working on, but that


MachStudio Pro 2: realtime 3D graphics rendering, now 100% free

MachStudio Pro 2 is a powerful 3D visualization package that had hitherto cost $4000 but recently been released to the public absolutely free. Excellent news for anyone interested in architectural 3D graphics rendering or 3D animation. This software emphasizes real-time graphics processing that leverage the horsepower of powerful graphics GPU’s (a 1 GB DirectX 11

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Introducing my new blog:

My friend Imad and I recently created “MoneyConfidence”, a site whose mission is to provide smart and thoughtful advice about managing money. It is still in it’s infancy but already contains a not-insignificant amount of content. We hope it will grow much larger and that we can provide a brand of thoughtful/useful content that will

shareware turned freeware may

Noteworthy Shareware turned Freeware – May 2011

Another installment of this series (see Feb, Mar, and April 2011). Not a bad collection this time around, although (a) some of these didn’t actually turn freeware but rather have become more “freely accessible” (#1 and #2), and (b) I am not sure if some of these switches took place in May; will not worry too much about it


Noteworthy Shareware turned Freeware in April 2011

As if to prove this site’s slogan (“Someday all software will be free”), every month I feature software that used to be shareware but turned freeware (check out the first and second installments of these). This month, four programs: Vectorian Giotto, Shortcircuit 2, PC Login Now, and AbpMon. Note 1: the “star” program here which you have to check


Noteworthy Shareware turned Freeware in March 2011

Every month I try to find and present a handful of noteworthy software titles that used to be payware but have been released as freeware. This month’s installment is as follows: HWiNFO, Spider Player, Spicy Guitar, Rising Security Software, A Form Filler, and Kidlogger PRO. Note (1) that this is not an endorsement nor a review of


Check out DonationCoder’s 6th anniversary celebration

DonationCoder, as you may know, is one of the most vibrant communities on the net where software enthusiasts can interact with coders, and where a lot of interesting free software is born as a result. Their 6th anniversary fundraiser is a month-long event, and every day this month they have come up with new, fresh


Noteworthy Shareware turned Freeware in Feb 2011

The following three interesting programs used to be paid but recently turned Freeware: Bufferzone Pro, Chasys Draw IES, and WinX DVD Author. Bufferzone Pro is a virtualization/Sandboxing program, Chasys Draw IES is a bitmap image editor, and WinX DVD Author is a DVD authoring app.


Freeware bonanza at Donationcoder – NANY 2011 event

Every year the folks over at Donationcoder sponsor an annual “New Apps for the New Year” event where they showcase a number of freeware programs. The programs usually run the gamut, from utilities to games to productivity software. NANY in many cases provides fertile ground for original and unique software concepts to appear. This year


Last posting removed (and other options for audio downloads)

I’ve received a couple of emails about my last post, which has since been removed but many people can still read on their RSS readers. Since reviewing the program (an MP3 downloading engine) I received multiple reports on email and in the comments, which I will quote here: “it installs a search toolbar and changes


Recycle Your Gadgets for Free or for Cash with Gazelle

Getting a new gadget is always fun but if it’s replacing an old gadget you might have questions about what to do with the old device. You might be thinking “Can I sell this old one for some cash?” or “Now, how exactly do I recycle this?”. The answer to both of those questions can