What does a cluttered desktop mean4

What does a cluttered desktop mean?

Is your desktop so frequently cluttered with icons and folders that its hard to find room for new files or projects? Do you wish that your desktop was more organized or that you had more room to breathe? This posting explores some aspects of what a cluttered desktop means. It argues that it is important


Is Android a stolen product?

Before he died, Steve Jobs stated that he believed Android to be a ‘stolen’ product. This has caused a massive controversy across the internet and a lot of folks are seriously upset by the statement. Is Android a stolen product, or was this just a statement by Mr. Jobs surrounding a personal agenda?

Happy Holidays featured post

Freeware for the holidays!

The winter holidays are just around the corner, and it’s time to get some freeware to jazz up your technology with the holiday spirit! With screensavers, games, and apps, there’s never been a better year for the possibilities of freeware for the holidays. This article will cover a few different ideas to get you started,


Free eBook Giveaway: Microsoft Office 2010 Tips & Tricks

Users of MS Office 2010 take note: Microsoft Office 2010 Tips & Tricks is an ebook that offers insights on advanced MS Office functionality valued at $6.95, but offered for free through Wednesday Nov 16th 2011. This ebook contains tips for Word, Excel, PowerPoint & Outlook, and covers many of the features of Office 2010


Update Windows and other essential apps from one place with Patch My PC

Software updates through the internet are very convenient, but with the increasing number of programs on your machine they could become quite a time consuming or distracting affair. Which is precisely why this program can be so useful: Patch My PC is a free software that can manage the updates for a range of software


Import your Avid, Final Cut Pro, or Apple Motion sequences into Adobe After effects – Free

Do you need to import your Avid or Final Cut Pro video sequences for editing with Final Cut Pro? Or, alternately, do you need to import or export sequences with Final Cut or Final Cut Pro? If so, you’re in luck. Automatic Duck, a software outfit with a wide range of tools designed to import and


CNet adds crapware-installing “wrapper” for downloads from download.com

I recently downloaded some installers from download.com, only to find to my surprise that they have adopted a “web-installer” style “download manager” that offers to install random crapware before downloading the actual installer, such as the Bing or Babylon toolbars. This sort of thing is not atypical, of course; we’re all quite accustomed to authors


Two tips to make your computer run faster

We all know that sinking feeling… the computer that used to spring to life in a few seconds seems to take forever grinding its way to a reasonable state of usability. No doubt you will have searched for an answer and found the usual tips about uninstalling unnecessary programs, especially those that start automatically. What


Facebook gets a new face – developers to unleash new “Timeline” format on users

Facebook has, in development, a new format for it’s users. We got a sneak peek at the new “Timeline” format that Facebook will take in the future. Gone will be the central column of posts from yourself and others that you like. Gone will be the list of your friends on the left. Even the


Back (again)!

Just got back from a 10 day vacation where the only access to the internet I had was via free WIFI in random cafés, on my iPhone. If you sent me an email or left a comment in the interim, I will do my best to respond soon. One thing that seems clear is that

Notworthy Shareware Turned Freeware Jul 2011 screenshot

Noteworthy Shareware turned Freeware – July 2011

A very interesting batch of programs this month; quality not quantity. Multi Commander: a powerful dual pane file management program. Gimpel 3D: converts 2D images or frame sequences into stereoscopic 3D, and AmazingMIDI: converts WAV music to MIDI You can find a listing of previous Shareware turned freeware posts here.


Free Giveaway: BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate V2

If you need a software that can backup your DVDs, remove all known copy protections, and/or save DVD tracks as video files that can be played on your PC or handheld device then check out BDlot DVD Clone Ultimate V2. This software is being given away 100% free till Aug 1st 2011. Find the download