SkyDrive storage usage chart

How much free cloud storage space do you really need? — SkyDrive’s 7 gig free plan examined

Do you have a free Dropbox or other cloud storage account? If so, how much of your free space do you actually use? According to the guys at Microsoft Skydrive, 99.94% of users who have had access to 25 gigs of free space only ACTUALLY use up to 7 gigs of it, and less than

Screenshot Captor new feature 1

‘Screenshot Captor’ gets even better!

Ever used a program that was so great in so many ways, yet lacked one single, simple, seemingly insignificant feature that just frustrated and baffled you? Well, that was kind of how I felt about Screenshot Captor, a free screenshot-taking program which might well be the best of its kind, in that it didn’t provide

Donationcoder 2012

Support Donationcoder: 2012 fundraiser underway

If websites were judged on (a) the quality of their user-contributed content, (b) the extent to which their users were engaged in the topic, and (c) the likelihood that someone using the site was going to get value-added responses to their questions, then free software site DonationCoder would be ranked right up there. DC are

Kinecting with the palm of your hand

Articles worth reading: link dump March 2012

‘Curating’ articles seems to be all the rage these days. And since we like to be ‘with it’ here at Freewaregenius, we therefore present you with 3 technology related articles that we know you will enjoy. Gestures of intent: quick — what’s the most exciting technology around? Touchscreens that can detect multiple points of input?


The Art of Video Games: an Exhibition

A current exhibition at the Smithsonian American Art Museum celebrates games as the art form of the twenty first century. It runs through Sep 30 2012 in Washington DC, and will tour a number of US cities afterwards. No wonder the US supreme court recently decided to consider video games as an art form deserving

Udacity Screenshot

Take a free technology course online at

Udacity is a free online university with a focus on the world of technology. It was started by Stanford University-affiliated roboticists, and could quite easily be the future of online education. Their mission is to make education available to the masses for free, on a scope and reach like never before. If you do a

Announcing three apps that can .. oww

The Three mobile apps that can save your marriage (Geek Humor)

If you have an iPhone, Android and other device, you may have heard your spouse or significant other on occasion say things like “will you get your head out of that thing!” or “that da*ned iPhone is ruining our marriage!”. So, wouldn’t it nice to be able to utilize the power of technology to help


The ten best Freewaregenius articles of 2011

It’s the time of year for ‘best of’ lists and looking back at the year we are leaving behind us. And what better way to do so than reading some of the best articles published on Freewaregenius in 2011? There were some very good ones as well; this post will list my top 10 favorite


Free Giveaway – ABBYY Screenshot reader performs on-screen Optical Character Recognition

Ever wanted to edit or use some on-screen text from a PDF or any other source, only to find that for whatever reason you couldn’t do it? (say, the text was in fact an image, or the clipboard was disabled, or whatever reason). If so, then check out AABBYY Screenshot reader, a nifty screenshot-to-text OCR


How to Choose the Best Laptop for You: A Mini-Workshop

Choosing the best laptop for your needs and making sure you get the best price is one of the most common problems I hear about. I use a three step process that helps me figure out the best possible deal. Determine your needs, then your price range, and then do your shopping.Following these steps will

b4 and after v3

A browser plugin that can detect Photoshopped images? It could happen soon

Have you ever found yourself wondering whether a certain celebrity photo was enhanced or altered? These days it may in fact be the bigger challenge to do the opposite, and actually find that magazine photo that was NOT Photoshopped. Digital photo enhancement is endemic, but with the unprecedented computational power of modern computers, would an


Cyber Tuesday GiveAway: iCare Data Recovery Professional

This is a data recovery software which I admit I do not know much about, except that I am using it right now to salvage some files off a busted hard drive and am liking it. I do not know if it is any better or worse than the other free(or paid) data recovery software