Three Reasons why Google Reader shutting down may not be such a bad thing

You may have heard that Google Reader is being phased out, and will be out of commission by July 1st. And although I like Google Reader and was disappointed to hear the news, there may be a silver lining. Here are three reasons why Google Reader’s imminent demise is not necessarily a bad thing. 1. Small


Microsoft IllumiRoom turns Kinect on it’s head; may be the future of gaming

While Apple seems to have stopped experimenting and looks more focused on litigating competitors out of the market, Microsoft is silently innovating. Exhibit 1: IllumiRoom, a proof-of-concept technology that immersively projects the game environment into your physical space using the Kinect sensor and a projector. The concept is simple: the Kinect camera surveys your physical


‘Freakonomics Experiments’ wants to help you with those big, life-changing decisions

Are you contemplating a big decision, leaving that job or relationship, changing your field, moving to another state or country, changing political affiliation, or whatever it is? If so, and if you are finding it really hard to decide – that your decision could go either way – then ‘Freakonomics Experiments’ wants to be by

DDos Attack Freewaregenius2

Freewaregenius shut down by a possible Denial of Service (DoS) attack

If you recently tried but was unable to log into this site, it may have been due to a Denial of Service attack that occurred on Monday the 21st and spilled into the day after. As I write this on Tuesday the 22nd, it is still not clear that the issue has been completely resolved.


Free Windows 8 Ebook Giveaway

The book is titled “Windows 8: 50 Questions and Answers You Need to Make a Decision”. Its purpose is to expand upon the unprecedented changes Windows 8 introduces to the Windows franchise, such as touchscreen support, a Windows store, improved security, and cloud integration (to name a few). This ebook, attempts to explain all the


Software giveaways for the holidays: AnyTrans and Duke Nukem 3D

It’s the holiday season again, and time for free software giveaways for us 47% (joke). This time around in what might be the most random post we’ve put together on this site, we bring you two items: (1) AnyTrans: a handy utility for iOS devices that lets you transfer apps and media from one device


Why does Google hate this site?

Something happened the weekend before thanksgiving, Nov 17; a Google algorithm change of some sort that once again took away about a third of our search traffic (it was reported here). This comes on the heels of a first ‘Panda update’ at the end of June which took a third of our search traffic then,

LOTR screenshot2

Watch ‘The Lord of the Rings’ as a 90+ minute LEGO animated feature

The ‘Lord of The Rings’ epic is back, this time in LEGO form. You may be familiar with LEGO’s cutscene videos, which are little animated vignettes that are part of the commercial LEGO video games. Or these videos are released as part of the marketing for the various series that LEGO puts out, from Indiana

best posts oct feat

The best Freewaregenius articles of October 2012 (if you’ve missed them)

Most of our readers do not visit this site every day, and are likely to have missed some excellent articles; which is a shame, because while some of the posts we publish are written in the span of a day, others take weeks, even months to put together, and are very much worth checking out.

Black Mesa Feat

Play a revitalized Half-Life with the FREE Black Mesa Total Conversion Mod

Do you look back on the original Half-Life game with nostalgia and pleasant memories of blowing up aliens, squishing enemies with a crowbar and exploring the Black Mesa compound? You’re not alone, and that means that the total conversion mod called Black Mesa will definitely be something you want to look into. It provides, completely


How to install freeware cleanly – a catalog of the most dubious crapware installation methods

The internet has brought about an explosion of free software that seems to just keep going strong. A lot of people wonder why so many people create and put out high quality software out there for free, and I am convinced that most of it is because people will put more of their heart and

Goobye iOS

Apple’s new connector is a big mistake (and other reasons why I abandoned Apple and iOS)

Since the first iPhone was introduced we’ve purchased four iPhone models in our household as well as an iPad 2. Prior to the launch of the iPhone 5, I became the proud owner of an Android device (the wonderful Galaxy Note), but my wife still preferred the iPhone, primarily because we have an iPhone speaker,