Is rampant cheating destroying Facebook gaming?

Cheating on Facebook games is a hard subject to tackle because it takes several forms, from the more ‘acceptable’ form of creating several accounts (which is not the one we are concerned about here) to the proliferation of ‘cheat engines’ that mostly operate locally, on the user’s individual machine. These are designed to change variables

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Submit your own tip or question in our new ‘user posts’ section

Want to start a discussion on this site? Looking for a specific freeware tool or app? Wondering about what the best free alternative to a commercial software might be? Curious as to what free tool the editors or the Freewaregenius community might recommend for doing a particular task? Found a particular free tool that you


Dear Microsoft: you’re in trouble

Dear Microsoft. I like you. Despite having not liked you throughout my twenties, I am now older and more mature. I realize that ‘cool’ companies like Apple are just as bad as you ever were in the height of your stranglehold on the computing world, but they annoy me more because they pretend to be


Vote: how do you like the (newest) site redesign?

This blog has had five different themes in the span of twelve months, so please let us know what you think about the latest site design. It’s been largely a process of trial and error, but it was also a collaborative one with readers and I am extremely grateful for all the good feedback you

What I learned

What I learned after my recent site redesign

You may have noticed that Freewaregenius has had a new theme design for the last 10 days. We wanted a more ‘visual’ look and feel different from the typical blog themes, and were curious to find out how our readers would react and how such a change might affect the way people interact with the

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New theme design for Freewaregenius

As you can see all around, we’ve changed the design of the site. The reason: I wanted something simply cooler and more attractive, and something that can showcase the content that we put up in a better way. Although I liked our old theme, which was a slightly modified version of the Genesis News theme,I

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A quick critique of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a new digital currency that is as of this writing worth around $100 or so, up from mere pennies when it was first launched (and was previously at a high of over $200). It can be bought at currency exchanges across the internet and used to pay for purchases at a number of


iPhone has largest share of mobile security vulnerabilities, study finds

A new study entitled “25 Years of Vulnerabilities” by security firm Sourcefire released in March attributes 81% of instances of mobile malware to the iPhone and iOS, compared to 9% for Android, 6% for Windows phones, and 4% for Blackberry. It draws on two sources: the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) as well as Common Vulnerabilities


Will ‘The Minuum Keyboard’ live up to the hype?

It’s a simple concept: take the three rows of letters that constitute the QWERTY keyboard and consolidate them into one, then touch-type as you normally would.The software will then guess your intent, so you don’t actually have to hit the right letters. It apparently works, and it saves a lot of on-screen real estate. But


Three Reasons why Google Reader shutting down may not be such a bad thing

You may have heard that Google Reader is being phased out, and will be out of commission by July 1st. And although I like Google Reader and was disappointed to hear the news, there may be a silver lining. Here are three reasons why Google Reader’s imminent demise is not necessarily a bad thing. 1. Small


Microsoft IllumiRoom turns Kinect on it’s head; may be the future of gaming

While Apple seems to have stopped experimenting and looks more focused on litigating competitors out of the market, Microsoft is silently innovating. Exhibit 1: IllumiRoom, a proof-of-concept technology that immersively projects the game environment into your physical space using the Kinect sensor and a projector. The concept is simple: the Kinect camera surveys your physical


‘Freakonomics Experiments’ wants to help you with those big, life-changing decisions

Are you contemplating a big decision, leaving that job or relationship, changing your field, moving to another state or country, changing political affiliation, or whatever it is? If so, and if you are finding it really hard to decide – that your decision could go either way – then ‘Freakonomics Experiments’ wants to be by