Backup your browser easily with BrowserBackup Pro for Chrome, Opera, Firefox and Chromium


There is is so much information that our browsers hold, that if the system crashes or if we reinstall or upgrade to a new OS or PC, we stand to be greatly inconvenienced if we lose them.

I am not just talking about saved passwords, bookmarks, mail and contacts, but even speed-dial, notes, skins, sessions, toolbars, plugins, apps, preferences, and just about anything your browser can handle.

Let me therefore introduce BrowserBackup Pro, a useful application that recently became FREE and that makes backing up and restoring your browser a very easy affair. It works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera and even Chromium, and can save your browser backup on your hard drive, flash drive, network server, CD/DVD or even an FTP server.

BrowserBackup 1

A few features that make this software noteworthy:

  • It verifies your backup: and does it automatically
  • Offers 256bit AES Encryption: if you want it
  • Nice, wizard interface: makes it very easy to use (see below).

A quick overview of how to use it:

The interface is pretty simple to use and you can create backup, restore backup, and options for a profile.

The next window will display the profiles that are available to import/export from. Just select the browser from the drop down box on the upper right corner and you then click on create back up and you will be taken to step 2. You do not need to input anything; your browser folders will automatically be selected.

BrowserBackup 2

Click next and you will be taken to step 3 where you can select the things you need to back up, these will include bookmarks, cookies, history, extensions, passwords, search engines, user styles and many other options.

BrowserBackup 3

Click next and you will be taken to the next step where you will have to enter the location of your backup. The backup will be saved in a .BFF format that can be opened up with BrowserBackup.

BrowserBackup 4

You can also select to save in a remote cloud server (you can do this from the first step) for which you will be required to make an account.

BrowserBackup 5

The verdict:

Browserbackup is pretty simple to use and there’s not much to it. The ‘PRO’ version used to be shareware but just turned 100% free, so give it a try and let us know what you think of it!

Download Browserbackup Pro (Windows).

  • This is very useful software. A shame it isn’t portable, since I don’t really want to instal unneeded things on a client’s computer.

  • StevieG

    Mozbackup backs up Firefox and Thunderbird. Great free little program.

  • semihselcuk

    How to manage cloud backup settings ?

    It needs accont name and password but no register button :S..

  • Krishna
  • Borhan

    Google chrome & Firefox default synchronize option does all that features offered by this software.

  • Pablo

    Seems cool,but I use the online storage in my Avant browser, Once I lost them,I can still get them back from their server. And there are backup/restore feature in avant too. So this application may be useful for the ones who use several browsers at the same time and don’t use the online storage/synchronize feature.

  • Aitch

    Dead link.

    • Samer Kurdi

      Hmmm… it may have went down due to an unexpected surge in interest. Hopefully it will come back online soon.

      • Doug

        On his twitter account, CjCr says he moved to a new server, and we just have to wait until the DNS update propagates. It should be back up soon.

  • for the win!

  • Aitch

    Link active.
    Managed to download.
    Thanks for the post mate.

  • crypher

    The best software for do backups of our browser! 🙂 Thanks!!!