Auto Mute: mutes your PC whenever it is turning on or waking up from sleep or suspend modes


Auto Mute is a free little program that simply mutes your PC whenever it is turning on or waking up from sleep or suspend modes.

It is useful in cases where you might want to ensure that your computer will be completely silent unless you actively un-mute it, such as working late at night or around sleeping children, or in public places such as buses, cafes, or conferences, etc.

A brilliant strangely original app, but also potentially very useful. This blog, for example, is mostly written on a laptop on the bus that I take to and from work, and I often find myself inconvenienced by the unintended Windows startup chime blasting on the bus when I start up my laptop, which I have to wait out and can do nothing about.

In other situations I was surprised by the annoying “congratulations, you just won an Ipod” or somesuch voice ads while surfing in cafes or at work, or by the unanticipated introductory music or sound effects from a game that I may have been considering for a review, etc.

More notes on this app:

  • How to use: unzip in a place you like and run. All settings are self explanatory.
  • Wish list: although not a problem in Windows 7, for XP I would have liked the option to hide the program icon in the system tray.
  • Mute/unMute by hotkey: Ctrl+F10 by default. Can be changed at user discretion.
  • Size in memory: 9 megs, which isn’t a lot but surprisingly large for the provided functionality.

The verdict: nothing more to say on this one, except that it will become a permanent fixture on my laptop.

Version Tested: 2.0

Compatibility: Any 32 bit or 64 bit version of Windows.

Go to the program home page to download the latest version (approx 326K).

  • Gent

    This functionality seems more appropriate for an AutoHotkey / AutoIt script… not a separate utility which takes more ram than my audio player.

    I’ve started to phase out plenty of such little utilities I use (even if indeed they are clever) due to their combined use of resources, and try to replicate the functionality in AutoHotkey.

  • Faye

    Why not just mute the startup and shutdown sounds in the audio properties? Why would you need an app to do that?

  • Nine Megs! That’s crazy huge! Look at NIRCMD.exe: Only 28K and has dozens of functions.

    You could get half the function by putting a shortcut to “NIRCMD.EXE mute” in your startup group.

    All you are missing then is the mute-on-un-hibernate/standby… but really, 9 MB for that? What’s *really* going on in there? I’m suspicious.


  • Mark

    control panel > sounds > sounds tab > select ‘none’ for start windows and logon, plus anything else you don’t want sound for. zero memory used.

  • 9 MEGS! Holy crap! On my laptop with 2 Gigs of memory, that takes up four tenths of a percent of my memory! Do you know what I could do with all of that memory??

    Wow, seriously, it’s not 1995 anymore.

  • Dave

    I have my PC’s set for no event sounds at all apart from the new mail notification in “Mailwasher” (, set for checking every hour. Personally, I can’t stand all the plinks, plonks, tinkles, tings, chimes and other assorted noises that Windows insists on making during the course of its business. The sounds have to be found on the hard drive, so that’s a little less wasted resources.


    I didn’t find this application to my liking. Instead, I shut down (read: shut down, hibernate, or standby) by running simple batch files. These batch files run the well-known NirCmd utility:

    nircmd setsysvolume 5000
    nircmd mutesysvolume 1

    And then the well-known PsShutdown utility.

    The downside is that I can’t use the standard Start/Turn Off Computer functionality, but I don’t normally use it anyway. These batch files let me do whatever I want on shut down… Run CCleaner, close programs, shut down my router, the possibilities are vast…

  • Samer

    Thanks guys for the input. You’re right in that there are other solutions than running a program in the background; however, my motto is: if you can do with freeware what you can do without, go with the former (a joke!).

    @(blank): interesting use of NiCMdD to do this.