VMware’s Zimbra Suite Gives Online Email A Place to Call Home

When I first spotted this email suite it inspired a resounding yawn. Even though it doesn’t have a world-changing new design, it is a well put together package of email, calendar and task management features. After playing with it for a while and then exploring their website, it was obvious this package and its big


More Than Just a Textbook eReader, Inkling is a Powerful iPad Study Tool with Some Serious Economic Advantages

One day, our grandchildren’s grandchildren will sit on their mommies’ and daddies’ knees and hear an almost unbelievable account of how people used to actually cut down trees to make paper. They will regard you and me with the same combination of sympathy and condescension that we have for outhouse owners, “Those poor, uneducated peasants.”

Three star gazing apps

Leave the X-Wing in the Garage. Use your iPad to Explore the Galaxy: Three Free Star Gazing Apps Reviewed

If you’re like me, a not too serious star gazer with an iPad, you may appreciate an app that helps you navigate the night sky. From the DOS days forward there have been many computer programs that show you the universe, or a specific chunk of it. But unless you want to hold up your


Put Your Brain to Paper with Blumind Mind Mapping Software (Windows)

Blumind is a mind mapping application that anyone could fall in love with. For those unfamiliar with this type of software, the idea is to have a structured environment upon which you can toss all of your random thoughts on a subject then make sense of them later. What attracts me to Blumind is the