Tubalr streamlines YouTube for a pure music video experience

YouTube is a great source for finding music videos. If I hear a song on the radio and want to check the lyrics or hear it again, I’m more likely to head straight to YouTube than trying to Google it since so many lyric sites are questionable. Music videos can also be fun or give


Chrome app Msgboy embraces the web stream, breathes new life into RSS

Msgboy is an app for Google Chrome that mixes elements of Pinterest, RSS, and link aggregators like StumbleUpon in a very visual way. Once installed in your browser, the app looks at your bookmarks and sites you visit frequently. It then collects the feeds offered by those sites and builds them into one location you


Fly free with Microsoft Flight

It seems this site’s vision of “some day all software will be free” has taken another step toward actualization with the legendary Microsoft Flightsimulator being recently released free to play. Its business model consists of the core experience being free while charging for DLC that expands the game, a model being adopted by many MMO

homezada inventory

Build and manage your home inventory with HomeZada Essentials

HomeZada Essentials is a free web service that greatly simplifies the management of your home. You can pay for some premium features but this review will be focusing on what you can do with a free account. The big feature for HomeZada Essentials is the home inventory and document management. A home inventory is something

Alice Scene

Learn programming with 3D video producer ‘Alice 3’

Somewhat along the same vein as Kodu, which we wrote about earlier this month, Alice is a free teaching tool to explore object-oriented programming in a 3D environment. You can use Alice, developed by Carnegie Mellon, to create short videos or 3D games. It is an enticing tool that softens the blow of diving into


Make designs for 3D printing with netfabb Studio Basic

3D printing is most likely the next revolution in computers and many other industries. It allows you to create objects on demand to whatever dimension you need, using specialized ‘3D printers’. Entire industries can benefit from the capability, whether you are a designer interested in producing tangible prototypes quickly and inexpensively or a manufacturer interested


Go “Cold Turkey” to break your addiction to certain websites

Just in time for finals (if you’re attending school), you might find yourself pretty easily distracted from doing your necessary work or studying. If you really want to shift your habits so you’ll be more focused and productive, it’s time to go Cold Turkey. Cold Turkey is a free/open-source application that makes it easy to


OdoPlus and IOGraph – Create Art By Tracking Your Mouse and Clicks

OdoPlus and MousePath are two free applications that run in the background and can tell you a bit more about your mousing activity during your session. What good does that information do for you exactly? Not a whole lot. However, it can be informative if you’re testing out an interface or create some pretty art


Eclipse.TV: A Portal of Visual Bookmarks for Streaming Videos

Streaming websites are easy enough to get to, they’re just websites.  Whether you type in the address, click a bookmark/favorite, or search for your usual sites, it’s not like they’re trying to hide. One way of making it even easier though, is to use a portal site that links to the various sites that offer


MiniTool Power Data Recovery Free Edition: Recover Files From Broken Drives

I loaned my wife my USB drive that had YUMI, the successor/rename of the MultiBoot USB tool, on it with CloneZilla loaded in order to do some re-imaging. She created her image and got 3 out of 4 computers up and running again. On the fourth computer, suddenly it wouldn’t boot from the USB drive


XBMC: a slick interface makes your computer a media hub

XBMC, renamed to its abbreviation from its XBox Media Center roots, has a niche use case but if it’s what you’re looking for, it performs impressively. XBMC provides an interface that is more intuitive and more polished that ties the media collection on your PC together in order to be everything you need in a


Freeware to Get Started With GIS And Explore Mapped Data

As the Web and the world have become increasingly data-driven, GIS is just another tool to process that data. GIS stands for Geographic Information System, a system which manages spatially-aware data. GIS is a booming sector even though it’s been around for a while and makes for a great direction to steer your career. Data can be