‘Social Media Image Maker’ makes it easy to create profile and cover images for Facebook and other social networks

Facebook cover photos (i.e. the large image that you open a Facebook profile) have become popular lately. If you’ve tried to add one you know that they have to be of specific sizes for the cover photos to look good. And if you try to make one yourself, you will realize that its not as


How to use a custom background image on the Google Search Homepage in Chrome

A few months ago, Google removed the option to add custom images and wallpapers to the Google search homepage. If you loved this feature or if you like the idea of customizing your Google homepage, try ‘Background Image for Google Home’, a handy Chrome extension that allows you  to use custom wallpapers on the Google


InFocus Pro: an iPhone task manager with calendar integration and hand drawn input support

Are you looking for a good task-management app for your iPhone that can manage different projects? If so, you should try Infocus Pro, a nifty little app that allows you to manage your tasks, add meetings to and events to your calendar, as well as take notes. Infocus Pro wants to be your all-in-one productivity


‘Status Snapper’ provides a quick way to ANONYMOUSLY share Facebook Statuses

Ever come across a Facebook status (a.k.a a post with the discussion underneath) that you wished you could share publicly on the internet, while preserving the anonymity of the people who liked it and/or left comments underneath? If so, then ‘Status Snapper’, a free Chrome extension, can provide a quick and easy way to capture


Extract and Compress Zipped Files on your iPhone, With iZip

There are times when you receive zipped archives in your email and if you are an iPhone user you may have been surprised that there is no default way of opening compressed files on your iDevice. However, thanks to iZip, a handy FREE app for iOS devices, users now can open compressed files on their

Chime notifications screenshot

Get notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and others in a single stream, with Chime for Chrome

We all have accounts on multiple online services like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc, all of which can send alerts and notifications. If getting a handle on all of these is getting a bit too labor intensive then check out ‘Chime’, a very handy extension for Chrome that allows users to receive notifications from multiple online

Img2Tab featured

Open all images on a page in a single tab, with Img2Tab browser extension

This comes in handy when browsing image rich websites and forums like Reddit, Pinterest, or Flickr, where instead of going to each and every image link or thumbnail and opening it individually, you could open them all at once, photoblog-style, in a single tab. Img2Tab is a FREE addon for Chrome and Firefox, and a


Edit iPhone Video and Create Short Movie Clips, with Adobe Videobite

Ever wished you could clip an iPhone video to focus in on the interesting parts (or remove the embarrassing ones?). How about stringing different segments together to better tell a story? If so then read on. If you search the App Store, you will come across a number of video editing apps, most of which


Add Quotations and Captions to your iPhone Photos, with Quipio

You might have come across inspirational quotations captioned on photos on Facebook and Twitter. One way to add them to your photos is obviously using a photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, but that’s probably a deal breaker right there for most of us who don’t use photo editing software. Instead, you could use Quipio,


‘Task Paper’ displays your to-do list right on your iPhone lock screen

Despite the fact that Reminder apps and Task Managers have become common on smartphones, many users still forget things they have to do. Sure, you could set up alarms or keep checking your to-do app obsessively, but Task Paper has a better answer. Task Paper is a FREE, useful task manager for iOS devices that


Find out Which iPhone Apps Have Access to Your Accounts, with ‘Permissions’ [iOS]

Many apps require permissions to access you social media accounts and data, and it is common practice to grant third party applications access to your Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and other accounts so they could post updates, upload files etc. So many, in fact, that we don’t even remember how many apps can access our accounts


Perform Handwritten Mathematical Calculations on your iPhone, with MyScript Calculator

Ever wished you could use your iPhone or iPad to do advanced calculations just as you might on a piece of paper, but have the device do the calculations for you instead? If so then check out MyScript Calculator, a free iOS app which can perform all of this in a new way right on