Firefox social features

Facebook built into the new version of Firefox

Do you use Firefox? Do you use Facebook? Then there’s good news for you! As of version 17 Firefox now comes with “Social API” which will make it possible for social network features to be accessed straight from Firefox. Right now it only does Facebook but should eventually include most other major social sites such


PSPad: a small, powerful, and versatile freeware text editor

PSPad is a text editor with syntax highlighting that supports many languages and file types. It is feature rich, allows you to define your own syntax highlighting for unsupported languages, is highly configurable, and nearly all options are close to hand. [Editor’s note: this review was written by Freewaregenius contributor Carbonize. Check out his tech


Spamihilator: protect your inbox from spam

Spamihilator sits between your email client (Outlook, Thunderbird etc) and the internet and examines every incoming email in order to identify spam. It employs a Baysian “learning” filter that calculates the probability that a certain message is spam, and that gets better the more you use and ’train’ the program. [Editor’s note: this review was