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Share and shoot the world with allows you to make “photo guides” for locations you are an ‘expert’ on or even just a place you know well and want to share, and it also allows you to find new places to explore and shoot with your own equipment. And albeit fairly new to the scene, offers a slick and professional site for users


How to Stream Videos From Your Home PC to your Android: an Odyssey

Do you have videos stored on your PC and want to view them on your tablet or other Android device without the hassle of copying and possibly converting them? Well look no further. I too wanted this and I set out to find out how to do it for no cost. What I found was


Dungeon Party is madcap free MMO action that will make you smile

Do you enjoy MMOs? Do you love games that have an off the wall sense of humor? If so you’re going to love Dungeon Party, a free action MMO available on the Steam game network. It’s full of well rendered, goofy characters, nonstop action and tons of special effects and eye candy and as a


Create a text adventure and publish as a desktop or mobile app for free, with Quest

Do you remember games like Zork, Beuracracy, Infidel, and all those other great text adventures? Remember choose your own adventure novels? Ever wished you could create awesome interactive stories like that, and better? If so, you should check out Quest, free software that can help you out in looking back on those games and looking


‘RPG Solo’ is a great free tool to create and run your own Roleplaying games

Are you one who still enjoys aspects of pen and paper roleplaying? Do you need a better game master, or just need better tools as one? RPG Solo offers you a great free way to make those decisions about the adventure that have to be made either on the fly or in advance creation of

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Micropolis brings the original ‘Sim City’ back to life – for free!

Are you a fan of the original SimCity or just city building/management games in general? If so, you will want to check out Micropolis, a great classic gaming experience, actually based on the original SimCity code and concept. It offers hours upon hours of city planning and production, and best of all, of course, it

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‘Flow’ is a pretty, simple, and strangely compelling free game

Do you enjoy strange, off the wall games that most people might consider ‘odd’ because they don’t follow set conventions for modern gamers? If so, you’re going to love ‘Flow’, a free browser based game. It offers a very pretty game environment, simple but compelling game play, and can be installed as a Chrome App

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SlideRocket vs. – two Powerpoint alternatives compared

Do you need a platform to create and view slide-based presentations for business, art or pure entertainment? If so, you’re going to love this post: we’ve got a showdown between two free ways to make such presentations and give you an idea of which is better suited to your needs. So, read on, my friends,

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Writer is a word processing alternative that strips away all the clutter

As a professional writer, I am always on the lookout for new tools that can make my work easier or just more interesting. Writer is one that happens to do both. If you’re the type of person that uses a word processor on a regular basis, you may occasionally long for the good old days

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Secure your online identity and personal info, with OneID

Do you worry about the security of our online information online? If so, you might want to take check out OneID is a new concept in the realm of online security that offers a trifecta of protection in a way nothing else does, requiring you to get your computer, your mobile device, and your cloud

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Draw diagrams and flow charts with LucidChart

Human beings are highly ‘visual’ thinkers, and whether you love diagrams and use them for every facet of your life, hate them but have to do them for work, or even if you’re somewhere in between … if you need to create a diagram then you will appreciate LucidChart, a web app which integrates with