AOMEI Partition Assistant Home Edition updated with cool new features (and FREE giveaway for the professional edition)


Quick: what is our favorite partition manager here at Freewaregenius? The answer, despite what we say in our Freeware Top 30 (which needs updating), is Aoemi Partition Assistant Home Edition, for three simple reasons (1) it’s simple interface, which lacks inactive, ‘paid’ options, (2) it is free for both personal and COMMERCIAL use, and (3) its wide range of options, including merging partitions, and now migrating OS to SSD, partition recovery, and rebuilding MBR, among others.

See this page for more info and for the download link.

The folks at Aomei would like to give 25 licenses of AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition for free. See below for details.

If you would like to read our previously published review of this software, go here.

How to get AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition for free: All you have to do is enter a comment below (note: if you get an error; don’t worry, your comment was successful, this is a known issue, just back up and refresh; do not enter the comment twice). The first 25 commenters will get a free license.

To download the Home edition, go here.

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    A very solid partition tool, that i have used in the past and to get a copy of the latest version and professional version at that is great, pleas count me in for this generous giveaway.


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