Ammyy Admin: quick remote PC access with nothing to install, configure, or register


Ammyy Admin is a free remote computer access tool that offers quick, easy, and reliable connections with nothing to install, no accounts to sign up for, and no technical configuration or messing with IP addresses and routers. It offers file transfers and desktop sharing, and can be used to connect with unattended machines.

I’ve written about remote access/desktop and file sharing programs similar to this in the past, but this one has the distinction of being the simplest and lowest-involvement in terms of the steps required before getting connected.Have you ever been on the phone (or IM) with someone and wished that you could see their screen and/or access their computer or that they could see yours? I recently was helping a friend set up a Google Adwords campaign for his business and needed him to see what I was doing on my screen; however, I wanted something quick that would not require us to waste a lot of time registering accounts, installing software, and then spending more time trying to configure it on both ends. Ammyy Admin would have been perfect for such a situation.

More notes on this program as follows:

  • Ease of connecting: both users need to run Ammyy Admin, a 128K no-install
    executable. The program will display ID numbers for each machine. To access the other PC you will need the ID number provided on the other side; it’s literally as easy as pressing a button (on both ends). There are no accounts to register, no messing with IP addresses, no ports or routers to configure. The ID seems to be fixed per machine rather than per session, which means that, for example, your PC at home will always have the same ID and can always be accessed at will.
  • Services: screen sharing, remote access of windows and applications, and if file system access is enabled, file sharing as well. For file sharing the person who is accessing the other machine can copy files back and forth straight to the hard drive of the PC being accessed.
  • Performance: was actually quite good in that it got the job done competently, although other solutions I’ve written about (e.g. GBridge, Remobo) seem to offer faster performance overall.
  • How it works: Ammyy Admin accesses public routers, but offers you the option to use private routers if you prefer. For the latter you will need to download and use Ammyy Admin’s sister product called Ammyy Router. Unlike some similar programs Ammyy Admin is not browser based.
  • Permissions: the program will ask for permissions on first connection or otherwise it is possible to pre-assign certain sets of permissions for each connecting computer ID.
  • Note on wallpaper images: desktop backgrounds are disabled on remotely accessed desktops by default to enhance performance. If you must have them though (as the case for my screenshot above) they can be enabled in the settings.
  • “No Install” revisited: note that Ammyy Admin does write data to in “All UsersApplication DataAMMYY'”, which somewhat belies it’s no-install status.

Wish list (or how this program can be even better)

  • Saving the settings and other files in the same folder where “Ammyy Admin.exe” resides, rather than in “All UsersApplication Data”. This would make this app much more transparent to work with and less likely to leave files behind (even if these files are benign and insignificantly small).

The verdict: this product is perfect for quick screen shares on an ad-hoc or spur of the moment basis, with a very minimal level of commitment and time spent on getting the connection to happen.

If you are going to be doing a lot of remote accessing and/or need more services (e.g. synchronization, media streaming, running 3rd party applications, etc.) then you might want to look at a more advanced product (e.g. Mikogo, gBridge, Remobo, TeamViewer, and Crossloop to name a few). Of these Mikogo comes close to the ease of use that Ammyy Admin provides but requires an extra step initially to create an account.

Having said that I am certain that Ammyy Admin will be a breath of fresh air for many people who would like to do remote PC access at the press of a button but have been prevented from doing so by all the steps that are typically required by remote access clients. If this describes you then by all means try this program you will like it.

Version Tested: 2.5

Compatibility: Windows 2000, 2003, XP, Vista.

Go to the program page to download the latest version (approx 128K).

  • Ross

    I’ve recently switched over to a remote access tool called Techinline ( So far I’m very pleased since it’s as basic as it gets for the client to run, plus the price is very reasonable. They could use some features which LogMeIn Rescue has, but that service is about 4 times more expensive, so it’s really a trade-off…

  • T.J. Mininday

    Wow, simply awesome. You said it right, and sold me when you said “There’s nothing to install”.

  • Sameer

    Excellent full marks
    simply awesome

    i tried almost all remote desktop apps out there to control my uncle’s laptop who in another country.

    you will be amazed how easy this app is…no config to be done at all

    Great going guys. Thanks for such a wonderfull app

  • Tom

    How does this work when attempting to remote control computers behind firewalls or routers? Do you have to setup port forwarding or does this use http/https ports?

    Thanks. I love your site.


  • CY

    It doesn’t work behind routers for me.. i couldn’t connect between computers under the same router, same LAN, same workgroup.. even tried the private router software which doesn’t work too..

  • Tom, in response to your question, I tried this Ammyy Admin a couple of times and could not get past firewalls either. I use Proxy Pro 6, a program by Proxy Network that can reach remote computers anytime, even if they are behind a firewall. I suggest you give it a try. They have a free trial for 30 days.

  • I use this all the time to reach my girlfriend or parents computers. They have to be there to click the button to accept the incoming connection and it works fine with a wide variety of networks, routers, and firewalls in between.

    You can configure it to automatically allow incoming connections from specific client IDs, but you have to know your number before hand.

    P.S. The Tech Inline comments are always spam. I have 2 or 3 on my own site.

  • salman

    its good

  • yura

    I recommend to try alternative remote control software “Anyplace Control”. I like it very much

  • nizam


  • Mr. Starr

    Hi there – Awsome site. Like the quality of the apps. Great work to test all Software.

    I tried Ammyy – but to my disappointment it’s not totally free. If you use it for more than 15 hours/month it seizes to function.

    From their pricelist:

    “Possible denying access, if software was used more than 15 hours in month. Condition of restriction can be changed without notifications to users.” ( )

    Or their forum:

    Too bad for aq small usefull and simple, well functioning app.

    Too bad that their prices are wayy over the hill…

    With regards & respect

    Mr. Starr

  • Excellent post and I will try Ammyy Admin for myself.

    I see you also recommend a host of other services (Mikogo, gBridge, Remobo, TeamViewer, and Crossloop)… have you found any others since you wrote your post? Or have any of the previous been a real winner?

  • I have tried radmin, and its a very nice tool, but its my 1st time coming across Ammyy Admin, its interesting and definitely a much easier software to understand, at least from what I read from this page.

  • Is Ammyy still free now?

  • Samer
  • Dear Samer

    Thank you for your interest in Ammyy Admin and for such a useful review you provided.

    You may also want to try our new version of Ammyy Admin v3.0
    which is a way faster, supports connection by IP and has new useful features for better performance.

    Ammyy Admin v3.0 is free as always.

    Kind regards
    Ammyy team

  • Steve

    Hi ,
    I have been asked by a friend to try this program, as he has given me a program to install at home and I am having difficulty getting it to work
    He has suggested that I log into his PC and watch as he installs it on his PC

    My question is, if I log into his PC ,does he then get access to my PC?
    As I don’t feel comfortable that he may be able to access my files and system, or is this just not the case

    Sorry for being a bit dim, but is this safe?
    If I can log into his PC and not have my PC at risk , I will give it a try

    Kind regards,

  • Jeannie

    new link page


  • Ray

    I’ve given Ammyy a try, seemed really slow for me. But it is still free, so can’t complain all that much. I typically use when doing something simple and ad-hoc. My work has something fancy called ScreenConnect. The IT guy set us up so we can remote into our computers which is really nice when I’m on teh road or had to stay home with my sick kids. and

  • Mark

    Hey Ray
    Don’t bring people’s thoughts into a mess. Ammyy Admin is as fast as skyrocket, literally you won’t find any similar software that can compete it from this point. I cant’s even place TeamViewer into one line with Ammyy (though it seems a way sophisticated than the latter).
    ScreenConnect requires registration what absolutely inappropriate for spontaneous tech support. is good, but while using it I’m getting a THOUGHT THAT I’M PARTICIPATING IN TURTLE RACES 🙂 Moreover if we take CONNECTION SECURITY AS A SHELL, this turtle is DEFINITELY WITHOUT ONE.

  • Michael Smith

    Ammyy is a trojan. Scamming and not safe.
    Teamviewer is good but too expensive.

    Alternatively you can try Aeroadmin – easy and free for both home and commercial use.
    Works behind NAT and pretty fast.Hope it helps.

    Here it is

    • BrokenStuff

      You are dumb