AllMyApps provides a Windows appstore-like experience for installing and updating programs


The iOS and Mac appstores have had lots of appeal with users. Those who would like to have something like this for Windows (which can display installed apps, apps that have updates, or even create a backup of all applications in order to reinstall them later), should take a look at ‘AllMyApps’.

Allmyapps is like a Windows App Store where you can find, download, install, and restore applications, and/or update them. It is a personal application manager for all apps on your Windows PC, and a great tool for keeping your applications organized and up to date.

All you need to do to get started is download and install it, and log in with an ‘AllMyApps’ account or simply use your Facebook, Twitter or Google ID.

Allmyapps 1

Once you are logged in you are greeted with the home screen that shows you the apps you have installed along with those that require an update.

Allmyapps 2

If you want to browse and download more applications, you can just jump to the ‘find apps’ screen which displays thousands of applications sorted by category.

Allmyapps 3

Next you can select the app you want and download it directly from All MyApps, but what is a good thing is that you are not redirected to a browser and you do not need to visit websites and find download links or anything like that;  but simply  download the app. The Update tab will show you all the apps that need to be updated.

Allmyapps is free to use on Windows and it’s generally a great idea. Those who might have thought that it would be nice to have a Windows appstore will probably appreciate having something like this to manage all Windows programs from.

Do you think this is a good idea? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

Download Allmyapps (Windows).

  • Ragnar

    The app looks cool but it didn’t recognize ANY of my installed applications. Not one.

    • Hammad

      Strange….try re scanning…. When i installed it, it showed me all the installed apps as shown above.

      • Ragnar

        Tried manually re-scanning, re-installing and manually re-scanning and still nothing happened. It just prompted me to manually install some applications so that it could start monitoring them.

  • Krishna

    Yes. This removes manually updating headaches. Reminds the efficient Update manager in Ubuntu/Linux. Showed all my installed apps and suggested updates in less than a minute. Works well. Thanks.

  • kell

    I suppose it’s a good idea for some. Myself, I like to going to websites and reading the changelog before i update anything. Sometimes I don’t need the update. Sometimes I don’t want it, like when the UI has been changed to something I don’t like (no ribbons allowed, for instance). Also, I like to see what might be new.

    Allmyapps has that Metro look. Blatant indoctrination. 🙂

  • this is a cool app, but personally I prefer Milouz Market that is lighter and you don’t need to login with a Facebook account or something else.