Add tabs to Windows Explorer with TabExplorer

If you love having tabs in your browser, then how about adding tabs to Windows Explorer? TabExplorer is free software that adds simple, functional tabs to Windows Explorer, enabling you to visually keep track of all your open windows in once place and quickly jump from one to another.

We’ve seen tabbed Windows explorer before in the guise of the excellent QTTabBar. But while the latter is ambitious and laden with features, TabExplorer keeps things simple and straightforward, providing the tabs and not much else, which for many users will make it more accessible and user friendly.

One feature that TabExplorer does provide, however, is the option to add colors to tabs, as shown above, or keep them uniformly grey, as shown below.

TabExplorer Screenshot

TabExplorer uses about 28 megs in RAM on my system, which is not lightweight but not high either. What I do like about TabExplorer, aside from its sheer simplicity, is that it works fairly well with Windows 7 (this sort of Windows tweak can sometimes be off with Windows 7, but it works well here). It also offers a portable mode, which some users will be happy to hear.

TabExplorer Screenshot2

I also like that you can drag and drop individual tabs to add them or separate them from a group of other tabs, Chrome-style. But if I had to ask for one thing it would be this: the ability to copy and/or move files from one tab to another by dragging files onto the tabs. It’s no biggie but it would be great.

Version tested: 1.2.1

Compatibility: Windows 7/Windows Vista/WinXP/Windows 2000

Go to the program page to download the latest version (~4.15 MB).

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Aug 11, 2012
Samer Kurdi
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  • Avi

    @Samer: Great application, really helpful for multitasking. And yes they should add the features of copying files from one tab to another.

  • jorem

    tried TabExplorer, it was more beautiful but it loads slower in my system. QTTAbar can create tabs in an instant and has more features

  • Luis Matoso

    i prefer QTTab Bar. More options & a more beautiful design.

  • Dale

    Downloaded, installed, love it. I experienced no issues (like slowness or copying between tabs) with Win7. Thanks Samer! Any word on getting the Mac System 7 feature of calculating/sorting-by folder size in the explorer? That feature is only 20 years old and still missing from Windows. Foldersize worked great in WinXP, but doesn’t work with 64-bit Win7.

  • Sylvain

    Hi Samer,

    You should try Clover – . Tabs are Chrome style and it have a favorite toolbar. Really nice an better than TabExplorer in my opinion.
    Thanks and love you site.

  • skopp

    I know, I know, I’m a Grammar Nazi – but I don’t mean no disrespect:
    “We’ve seen tabbed Windows explorer before in the guise of the excellent QTTabBar. But while the latter is ambitious and laden with features, TabExplorer keeps things simple and…” (sic.)

    Should be “…while the *former* is ambitious…* – and preferably after listing both.

    checking app out now.