• Hey Samer,

    Thanks for the review – it certainly is an ambitious project! Keep an eye out for what we have planned later this month: Live streaming from computers to smartphones (transcoding), instant uploading for popular files and way better media recognition. We’ll offer unlimited QVIVO Cloud storage for $1.99/mo too because if you’re dealing with video no one wants any storage limits.

    FYI – right now you can automatically stream between computers, so for example if your partner installs QVIVO on her Mac, then your library will automatically show up and stream across the network without any config.

    Anyhoo – thanks again for the write-up and keep an eye out for what’s coming.

    Liam McCallum

  • Brockman

    Thanks man for a great review. I tried it but it doesn’t recognize half my movies. Still great software.

  • Doc

    “In the future, your media library will reside in the cloud” Over my dead body. I can’t guarantee I’ll have wifi access everywhere, I can’t guarantee my hosting/cloud provider won’t go belly up, and I can’t guarantee some police agency will decide there’s a reason to search through my files. My media library stays with me.

    • Samer

      @ Doc: I see your point. I guess it depends how far into the future we’re talking 😉

  • Clancolin

    “…Over my dead body.” Really? Really really?? Are movies THAT important to people now?

    Personally, I have family pictures and a lot of my music online, but they also reside on my desktop PC, subsets of them will also be on my tablet and other copies exist on sites such as Facebook and Geni. That way, if I can’t guarantee my provider dies or that my house will burst into flames when a dragon walks by, I’m covered. 🙂