A comparison of FREE Cloud Storage Services


Now that the biggest tech companies in the world are taking aim at Dropbox (with Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon all offering their own cloud storage services), we thought we would compare the FREE cloud storage plans that are out there, in terms of how much free storage space they offer, how easy it is to get it raised, and how much you could get in total.

We also compare other pertinent factors that could help you decide which one is best for you.

We tried to list all the “good” cloud storage services; however, there were criteria for inclusion on our list, as well as criteria for exclusion (see below for more info on both).

Our list eventually encompassed the following: , Dropbox, Skydrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive , Sugarsync, Glide , CX (Cloud Experience), Memopal, Safecopy, Mimedia, Teamdrive, HiDrive, Comodo Cloud Storage, Spideroak, MegaCloud, Wuala, and Synplicity.

Cloud Services Logos

Note: this is a snapshot of the way things were as of our last update: May 1st, 2012. Things could have changed since. If you find an inaccuracy, please let us know in the comments or via email.

How much free storage do I need?

Although the answer to this question is up to you, this issue was explored in a previous post entitled “How much free cloud storage space do you really need?”, which posited that 7 gigs may be the magic number.

Inclusion criteria: what the services have to offer to be on the list

  • A free plan: obviously
  • Desktop folder sync: a desktop client that syncs a local folder or folders with the cloud.  Services that offer this only with a paid plan were excluded. This is also why most ‘file locker’ type services were excluded.

The Comparison

  • Sorting order: the services on the list below are sorted in descending order according to the amount of maximum free storage attainable for each.
  • Recommendations: if you want to know which services we like here at Freewaregenius, go to the ‘recommendations’ section below.
  • Links: go down to the links section for sign-up links. In most cases you will get the initial extra referral bonus.
Name of Table
Cloud ServiceMax File Size Upload [1]Initial Free StorageExtra Free Storage Per FriendMax Storage Ceiling (including max extra bonuses)Supports VersioningOSPhone Apps# of devices supported
Idrive500MB5GB1GB / referral. 10GB for sharing with your contacts list50GBYesWin; MaciOS; Android1
Sugarsync2GB5GB500MB. A range of tasks will net you extra storage as well.32GBYesWin; MaciOS; Android1
Glideno limits30GBno referral program30GBYesWin; Mac; LinuxiOS; Android6
Dropbox2GB2GB500MB16GBYesWin; Mac; LinuxiOS; Androidunlimited
CX (Cloud Experience)no limits10GB300MB16GBYesWin; MaciOS; Android; Kindle Fireunlimited
Memopal5GB3GB500MB13GB [2]YesWin; Mac; LinuxiOS; Android; Blackberry10
Safecopy [3]5GB3GB500MB13GBYesWin; MaciOS; Androidunlimited
Mimedia3GB7GB1GB for each 5 (200MB / friend)12GBNoWiniOS99
Teamdriveno limits2GB250MB10GBYesWin; Mac; LinuxiOS; Androidunlimited
HiDrive2GB5GB5GB for each 10 friends (500MB / friend)10GBNo (not on free plan at least)Win; MaciOS; Android; WP71
Comodo Cloud Storage2GB5 GB200MB10GBYesWiniOS; Android1
Spideroakno limits2GB1GB10GBYesWin; Mac; LinuxiOS; Androidunlimited
MegaCloudno limits5GB500MB10GBYesWin; MaciOS; Android1
Wuala14GB5GB250MB8GBYesWin; Mac; LinuxiOS; Android1 [6]
Skydrive2GB7GBno referral program7GB [4]YesWin; MaciOS; WP7 (3rd party Android Apps)unlimited
Amazon Cloud Drive2GB5GBno referral program5GB [5]We think not [6]Win; MaciOS; Android8
Google Drive2GB5GB + 1GB Picasa storageno referral program5GBYesWin; MaciOS; Androidunlimited
Synplicityno limits2GB1GB5GBYesWin; MaciOS; Android; Kindle Fire2

[1] This will also depend on your browser or OS file size limits
[2] We couldn’t find documentation for this, but found it in practice
[3] Safecopy seems to be a mere rebranded copy of Memopal, with a few minor differences between the two,
[4] Legacy accounts have 25 gigs free, and if you have a Hotmail or MSN account you may be able to get 25 gigs as well (see the recommendations section below)
[5] It may be possible to get more if you’re buying music off of Amazon (see here)
[6] Not 100% sure about this.

Links (intended in many – but not all – cases to start you off with a bonus)

Exclusion criteria: why some services are excluded from the list

  • No desktop client in the free version: Box.net, sadly, and Adrive are guilty of this.
  • Maximum attainable free storage @ 2 gigs or less: if you can only get 2 gigs free maximum storage no matter what, we excluded the service. Mozy is an example.
  • Mac only, or requires ownership of an Apple device: Apple’s iCloud, and Dolly Drive were excluded on this basis.
  • Free versions have bandwidth or speed restrictions: with so many options available, we decided to toss out the following services that restrict daily or monthly bandwidth in the FREE version, or restrict upload speed: YouSendIt (1GB/month restriction), OpenDrive (1GB/Day, 200KB max upload speed), FilesyncAnywhere (25MB per file, max 25 files per day) , and Asus WebStorage (500MB per day).
  • Defunct services or ones that are being phased out: ZumoDrive and Windows Live Mesh fall into this category.
  • Unclear or misleading offering: ZenOK was tossed out because it doesn’t know what it is and what it wants to offer.
  • No free plan available: many services were overlooked on this basis.

Our recommendations:

We like SkyDrive, Dropbox, iDrive, and Google Drive. But we also like many of the others.

  • We like Skydrive because you can get it installed on multiple computers at once (on a single account), and you can likely still get the 25 gigs if you have a Hotmail or MSN login, see this link and this LifeHacker article.
  • We like Dropoxbecause it is widespread, such that you will NOT need to ask your friends and collaborators to sign up for something entirely new, since they will likely already have a Dropbox account. It is also being widely used by developers who are creating cloud-related apps. The current maximum free offering (16 gigs) from Dropbox will is on the higher end of the table, and is probably sufficient for most people’s needs.
  • We like iDrivebecause you can get up to 50 gigs of free space, at 1 gig increments per friend.
  • We like Google Drive because we use Gmail and many other Google services.

But we are working on another post that compares these services more thoroughly, including their unique strengths and weaknesses, beyond how much free space they offer. We would like your input.

Appeal to readers

  • Please tell us what you care about in a Cloud Storage service: e.g. number of users, encryption of data transfers,  price per gig for extra storage, whether you cold sync any file or folder easily on demand…. What else is important to you that we missed? We will use this input in a more thorough comparison post to follow this one.

  • Illustration credit: we modified an image found here(for which we are grateful). We are hoping that the fact that the PSD is freely downloadable means that it is ‘Creative Commons’.
  • Thanks go to Alaa K, for doing a lot of the legwork involved in compiling the information above, which turned out to be a very difficult task.

Comments, reactions? Please share them below…

  • Daniel

    I’m not a Linux user but i know that Dropbox is popular over there.

  • Mumbo Jumbo

    Looked at CX – doesn’t yet support Android

  • cippa

    miss the file size limit info! very important to compare! dropbox has no file size limit support, google drive 1gb per file max….

  • Oaks

    Great work so far guys, thank you.

    As Cippa says file size upload limits are a must. I’d also like to see encryption info, especially whether or not you can use a private password/key for encryption prior to uploading your data? I also think it’s worth adding any outstanding free-trial/pay-only options to the list.

  • rob

    dropbox supports only 1 device?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I didn’t get that either. How is device defined here?
    Oh, oh… I’d better yank Dropbox off my 5 other devices.

  • Jay

    where is ubuntu one? it satisfies the criteria for inclusion, so why not mentioned?

  • Manu

    I agree, where the heck is Ubuntu One? Seems like every cloud service comparison I read online haven’t tried ubuntu one.

  • Samer

    @ Rob, Anonymous: it means that your PC at work will be synced via a different Dropbox account than your home PC or other PCs. I guess ‘device’ is misleading, perhaps should be reworded to ‘PCs’.

    @ Jay: unsure why Ubuntu One was excluded, as I remember seeing it before. It may have accidentally fallen through the cracks. The good news is that we can easily add it back.

    @ Cippa, Oaks: we’ve got file size upload info in the first column. Is that what you guys mean?

  • Ed

    Thanks for the comparison. In your next post I would be interested to see which services recognize symlinks in the box/drive folder. I put junctions to the files I want to sync in the box/drive folder rather than mess up my file organization. This works for Dropbox and SkyDrive, but not for GoogleDrive which, for some curious reason, doesn’t recognize the link.

  • I’d like to see a comparison of each based on upload/download speeds.

  • I’m missing Wuala here, runs on iOS, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android and the web, 5GB free, but most importantly… the only one which does not include ways for them to read your files (unlike Dropbox, SkyDrive, Google Drive and the others), the files get send encrypted with your password without Wuala having you password.

  • Ed

    I use iDrive, SugarSync and Skydrive. I use iDrive as a backup service because it supports versioning. Once it is setup, it automatically backs up everything you marked for backup. I’ve used it for several years. Retrieval of files from iDrive is slow. Takes a little while to load the files that were backed up. I use SugarSync only because it is an option on Quickoffice on my iPhone. I don’t like SugarSync; it is too easy to delete files off of your computer that you don’t want to delete. Skydrive is nice because you can easily get 25GB free. That allows me to load my photos and be accessible on my iPhone. Skydrive will replace SugarSync when Quickoffice integrates Skydrive into its product on my iPhone.

  • PsycEroc

    I’d like to see more info about versioning, for example, Skydrive only versions docs (and maybe pics), Google Drive versions all files but only keeps old versions for 30 days. I’d also like to see info about how long deleted files are kept, for example, Skydrive does not appear to keep deleted files. Regarding Wuala, it actually works on UNLIMITED devices (not only 1), keeps unlimited versions of all file and keeps unlimited deleted files.

  • KeithLM

    This one “device” listing with dropbox doesn’t make any sense at all. You are saying that you can’t sync files across multiple PCs? Isn’t that the exact opposite of the purpose of cloud storage services?

    Also, when making a chart like this, consider the size and the direction. It’d be much easier to do comparisons if the services were listed across the top. Many people have widescreen monitors that could show a lot of this chart at once, few use widescreen monitors in portrait mode.

  • What_About_Data_Privacy_Concerns_?

    Nice Article…. BUT it would be helpful if you listed HOW these data cloud storage providers treat your private data.

    The last thing I want is a “Fbook type” cloud storage company selling my data or mining my data and selling the info to third parties !!! 😐

  • dan

    Where are you getting the information about a 1 device limit with Dropbox? I have 7 different PCs and an iPod touch all on one free account.

  • Joey

    I guess Minus should be on the list too.
    It offer 10gb free storage and up to 50gb free storage (1gb each referral).
    It does have desktop sync function plus supported Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and many other mobile device.
    Check it out and give it a try.


    and yes, you will get extra 1gb when register through referral link.

  • Thanks so much for including CX in your list! We’d also like to point out a very cool feature we recently introduced: group chat. Now, within groups where you share documents with other CX users, you can chat with others in your group, all without ever leaving the document viewing window. Please try us out, and let us know what you think! Thanks!

  • Hi, Mumbo Jumbo! CX does support Android! Check out our Android apps here: https://www.cx.com/software/

  • Hugo

    Nice post,
    AFIK some services do not accept every type of files to be uploaded, I think that would be an interesting fact to be compared.
    Also some services do not have the option for syncing a local folder to a public folder on the cloud, also would be nice to have the bandwidth limit comparatives for the services

  • Samer

    @Ed, @Kearns, @PsycEroc, @What_About_Data_Privacy_Concerns: thanks for all the great feedback, good material for our future article.

    @Hendrik de Goede: Wuala is in fact included, around the middle of list.

    @Rob, @Anonymous, @ KeithLM, @Dan: I guess we made a mistake with Dropbox. It looks like it supports unlimited devices. Changed it. For some reason I thought the free version did not support multiple devices, while the paid version did, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.

    @KeithLM: my blog content area is 660 or so pixels wide. A wider table would mess up the look of the site.

    @Joey: we excluded Minus because the desktop client is in fact an uploader, and does not provide folder sync. I just checked and it seems this is the case. Is this not your experience?

    @Nicki: you’re welcome. I am new to CX but I must say it seems like a surprisingly attractive product.

  • Thanks, @Samer! You should definitely give our groups a try and see how you like the chat feature. We also just released our open API, too! Check out more here in our blog: https://blog.cx.com/cx-tips-and-tutorials/cx-cloud-storage-open-api-now-available-to-developers/

  • I’ve been using SkyDrive for four years, and I’ve had very good luck with it, so I stay there. I keep most of my stuff there now, since I can get to it from anywhere, and (now) it integrates nicely with my notebook as a synced folder.

    The other thing is that I’m pretty sure I’ll know when Microsoft is about to fold, so I’ll be able to get my 25GB (or however much I’ve put there) downloaded before it vanishes. That may be true of the other services as well, but I’m just a little more comfortable here…

  • Nick

    Just curious why Glide wasn’t on your recommended list? It starts you with 30GB free, is supported on all 3 OS, has no file size restrictions, and supports versioning. Google Drive and Skydrive have far less storage and neither support Linux and both have 2GB file size restrictions (which should be plenty though). I had never heard of Glide before the article, but it sounds like a winner and just wanted to know why it was not a recommendation. Thank you.

  • Dan

    +1 for Wuala too.

    -You can boost yourself to 18GB of free space at day one with using these promotion codes:


    -Everything is encrypted and only you have the password. Pretty important with the privacy flaws running around these days.

    -Nice desktop client that you can set easily your Data&Cache folder to a truecrypt container for maximum privacy.

  • cippa

    @ Cippa, Oaks: we’ve got file size upload info in the first column. Is that what you guys mean?

    Absolutely not. I mean the maximum size of files that support the various services via desktop applications. Dropbox is unlimited, google drive max 1gb per file, skydrive 2gb ecc eccc

    • Samer

      @ Nick: Glide is a very ambitious Web-OS project. It includes all sorts of online apps and tools, which kind of distract from a simple cloud-storage to cloud-storage comparison. At the end of the day, it seems a bit too unfocused and visually clutterd to me, so there’s that; but also I would bet on some of the others being more resilient in the long term than Glide, and feel more comfortable recommending those.

      @ Cippa: I see. Will work on updating the table soon.

  • Jeroen

    I miss Ubuntu-one
    It has both android and IOs support
    runs out of the box on Ubuntu, and after installation on other dedian based linux distros like Linux Mint and Debian and it runs on Windows.
    It offers 5gb free storage and a music service.

  • Dan

    Hi Samer,

    I don’t think any one cloud storage provider will do everything that an individual needs as I have found that they each provide a slightly different service with different levels of acceptance. I use 3 different services, skydrive, Dropbox and google drive. I have written my own blog on why and how I have them configured to work for me, http://www.shooter-smith.co.uk/?p=127



  • Gregory F

    Either your wording is confusing to me, or you are mistaken. I have a free Dropbox account that’s currently at 23 gigabytes. They frequently offer opportunities for more free space: games/challenges and beta testing, for example.

  • WTF

    WTF where’s Ubuntu One?

  • bmadtiger

    The important thing with cloud storage as others have mentioned is security of private data. Yes, they all encrypt your data in transit from your device to their server and most will even store it as encrypted data, but AFAIK only SpiderOak and Wuala have a zero-knowledge policy where only you have the encryption key. All the other providers know your encryption key so anyone in those companies cold decrypt your data… Of course that makes it harder to share your files with others, but not impossible. Do any other services offer zero-knowledge data security?

  • I also have 22.5GB as a free account in dropbox..

    Skydrive has one huge problem: NO SELECTIVE SYNC. It will just replicate all my (up to 25GB) data on all the devices i install it to..useless this way imho

  • JT

    Both Sugarsync and Dropbox have apps for BB….
    …. I love Sugarsync, but syncing is shonky on the iPad…. and their support sucks 🙁

  • Gab

    Great article!

    I’ve been searching for the best cloud service for my personal use for a few weeks now and I totally agree with the others here that suggested adding information about privacy, encryption and security of the cloud services. This is my main concern while trying to choose a cloud service…

    Another important thing is the physical location of the provider’s servers. We all heard the stories about the Patriot Act that allows USA authorities to get whatever data that is on a server in the USA. So if the provider can decrypt your data and is in the USA… well that can be a problem to some people.

    Also, there’s another provider that I found in my search that is not on the list and answer to all requirements and it’s HubiC by the French hosting company OVH.

    But again, good job! I’m looking forward to read any improvement and additional information that will be added in the future.

  • daniel

    Desktop client application is very important for backup purposes.
    I mean it should be very lite, very configurable, bandwidth settings, cpu settings, versioning, incremental, rsync, aso.

    Beside space and privacy that would be very important: desktop client application.

    I remember trying last year SugarSync on an older PC (but not so old and slow) and while the client was runing all the OS was lagging in operation. Also some desktop clients are made in Java in order to be cross platform but Java is slow and PC resource intensive.


  • Todd

    ZenOK has only one “innovation” going for it, and it’s their patent on insurance for data loss – I can’t see supporting a mediocre company/product based mostly on them patenting something that shouldn’t even BE patentable. Morally and functionally, ZenOK is the worst of the entire bunch.

  • Larry

    Why would anyone use a service that didn’t have total client side encryption? Doesn’t anyone remember when DropBox exposed everyone’s files to the public for like four hours? SpiderOak and Wuala seem to be the only ones worthy.

  • Julia

    What abou ADrive? They give 50 GB for free!!

  • John

    Hey everyone, just thought I’d let you know of a great cloud storage system I’ve found called Just Cloud. Cheap and dead easy to use 🙂


  • Entamoeba

    so here are a few remarks about my user experience with the cloud (more than 20 cloud services):

    1. Sugarsync – for me the winner. The option to sync any folder on your PC is really
    a deal breaker. It’s a reliable service and the latest desktop app (I use it on 7) is a stable one and light on resources. Plus a very good referral program and quick upload and download speed. On the downside it’s mainly the price.

    2. Dropbox. But for the “box” that would be the winner. I especially appreciate it for the function of avoiding duplicate upload of the same file – really helpful and it might save you some bandwidth.

    3. Skydrive. The desktop app is the lightest of all I tested. What I also like is the 7GB space and the option to unlink and relink the account without redownloading of all files. Good for docs but no video support. The app lacks more advanced features of the one of Dropbox.

    4. Google Drive. Streaming uploaded video and opening docs (.pdf included) is on the plus side. The lack of re-authenticating of the files after relinking the account can drive you crazy! And be careful – after you relink the account with empty folder and then you put back all your files inside that folder (before the program starts analyzing the web) then you can find all your stuff in the bin and Drive starts download all files from the cloud…

    5. 4Sync. I don’t know why you haven’t included that service. 15GB of free space and it has been so far very reliable at syncing. Access to your files on the web might be a bit slowish and re-authenticating works better than the Google Drive but only with files within the folder (if you move the whole folder you will have to re-upload all files of that folder but the workaround to that problem is to unlink your account, move your folder within the web and then relink the account and get your files re-indexed instead of re-uploaded).

    Megacloud – a good one. It’s kind of a copycat of Dropbox. Web sometimes crashes. I had a problem with putting the “box” on the hidden drive (at the installation there is no option to key in the path of the folder where you want to set your “box” but you get this chance during the relinking). Sharing is fine, files and whole folders.

    SkyFile – a really promising service. 6GB of free space and a good desktop app (there is one for android users as well). What I really like about the app of this cloud service is the option to move your “box” without un-liniking and relinking. The option to share your files (sadly no folders) for a limited time and a really stable web access are also the advantages of this cloud. That cloud debuted this April so it’s still in beta and at the moment there is no referral program (however according to the forum it is only the question of time).

    I tested all clouds from this post and many more and for one way or another all apart the above-mentioned were not worthy of sticking with them (I had no chance of trying Cubby – still waiting for an invite…). I greatly disappointed with IDrive (it froze every time I tried to back) and HiDrive (crashed my system) which I had great expectations with both of the clouds and a good initial experience. I don’t wanna elaborate on the rest of the clouds not to make this comment longer than your post;P However the whole week of testing has left me with: SugarSync, Dropbbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, 4Sync, Megacloud and Skyfile.

  • Rhys

    To me, desktop sync, phone application, if there was something you could use to edit things like .docx in browser

  • daniel

    @ Entamoeba:
    zoolz, wuala did you test’em?

  • Ms Max

    Is there some drawback to using Glide? It has the most free storage space on your list, yet it’s not one of the ones you recommend.

  • i would like to know witch ones let you create a download link so you can share files with your web site visitors

    • Samer

      @ daddyanimal: I believe all of them do.

  • @daddyanimal–CX definitely does! And your first 10GB with us are free.

  • Carlos Callau

    I like SugarSync because I don´t need to copy files to a specific folder for sync’ing.
    I just decide what NORMAL, REGULAR folders I want to have sync’ed and the rest happens automatically. No need to move files or folders around.

  • I like SugarSync because I don´t need to copy files to a specific folder for sync’ing.
    I just decide what NORMAL, REGULAR folders I want to have sync’ed and the rest happens automatically. No need to move files or folders around.

  • S. Singkofer

    Besides DropBox, are there any other cloud storage services that actually allow linking a computer-based software program (Excel, Word, etc) directly to a file that is stored in the Cloud?

  • Samer

    Please note regarding something called a GOOGLE DRIVE HACK

    A reader posted a comment about a Google Drive Hack that is supposed to give you 1 TB of extra storage.

    Another reader posted a comment that this involved responding to questionnaires and downloading files on his computer, and that WOT was suspicious of the site where this so called hack was obtained.

    We at Freewaregenius have no information about this, but are sufficiently suspicious to have removed all comments mentioned above. If you are interested in this Google Drive Hack, do some research on the internet and figure out if it is for real or if it is safe. Thank you.

  • rafabira

    Thanks for this article. I learned a lot!
    When is your follow up going to be posted (if not already)? I’m mostly looking for cloud storage to use as a backup for photos, music, and important files. Based on your research, i’m leaning towards DropBox. However, my big remaining question is around security of data once in the cloud. Data encryption and ongoing ease of use as well (ie downloading/transfer onto other devices), but privacy/security is number one.

  • @rafabira–security is our main concern, too. Check out what security precautions we take here: http://blog.cx.com/cloud-storage-news/cloud-security-is-cxs-top-priority/

  • Skyline36
  • chris

    thanks for the comparison. What I would like to see in a future more detailed comparison is how the services deal with sync. I think a seperated backup-style sync is needed, with ability to control the intervall. Everbody who tried to sync a folder containing a 2 GB outlook mailbox pst-file, which is in use, knows what I mean….

  • b1989

    My favorite is Sugarsync it has all the benefits of the
    above and you start with more free storage than the rest (5.5 with the below


    also you can gain more free storage with refs, which in my opinion means it
    dominates g-drive.

  • Randall Douglas

    What about Cubby? From Logmein? Just for comparison sake.

  • dali

    First, thank you so much for the list. I appreciate your effort. However I have a question that you may be able to answer, or tell me where I can learn more about it.
    I was reading about cloud os, and you listed Glide. I don’t really understand the difference between cloud storage and cloud os. Do you think you could clarify that? If you can’t maybe you could send a link where it is explained in not-so-complicated lingo… you know, for the lay people with some tech knowledge. Thank you.

  • Adam

    Ubuntu One is a cloud service similar to Dropbox, SpiderOak and so on, which allows users to store files online and sync them between computers and mobile devices(up to 20 Gb). The service comes with clients for Ubuntu, Windows, Android and iOS.

  • Polo

    Hi,box.net now has a FREE desktop client ! but file size limit is still 100 Mb for the free plan, bad.

  • Alex

    I also like bookmycloud.com . Free account with Unlimited storage. Check out there site.

  • I also like bookmycloud.com. Free account with unlimited cloud storage. Visit their site.

  • ionos

    Great comparison.

    One of the most important features for me is true end-to-end encryption. I don’t care much about a web interface (which is difficult to implement when having end-to-end encryption), but the data must not be readable by outsiders (incl. the service provider) once it left my computer/device.

    There are very few providers satisfying this requirement that I know of (spider oak, wuala, cubby in the future maybe).

  • Roger Hew

    End to end encryption very important capability for cloud storage in my view.

  • what about Box+? http://www.boxjia.com

    I found the private sharing especially good. The USB auto backup is pretty good too.

  • George Coon

    I am searching for a cloud storage system so I can dump files and free some space in my (older) computer. As soon as I started looking, I realized the advantages of working from a remote location and being able to access my files everywhere at all times.
    It dawned on me that having a cloud software repository would further increase the value to me. I mean, if I wanted to revise an Adobe Photoshop document, or an In-Design document on a computer without those specific programs, it would be perfect if MY Adobe Programs were made available through the cloud. Is this an existing service yet?
    I think Microsoft SkyDrive might allow editing using Office programs (Word, Excel, etc.) or am I wrong?

  • chris

    I found it very important to distinguish between webarchive and synced folders as synced folders need all space again on your harddisk.
    I also found it very usefull to access the archive through a drive letter from other applications.

  • chris

    BTW: WUALA supports more than one device per account.

  • Aspigram

    Hi didn’t see this point mentioned but maybe I didn’t look hard enough. One issue I had that kept me from cloud storage was the fact that the provider would vet the files you uploaded and if it thought that your’s were not kosher for whatever reason it would lock you out. Now not that anyone wants to store trash but even a pic of Victorias Secret could get you trashed by some of the more strict providers. Answer: Spideroak has a no knowledge policy IE they’re not interested in whats in your account, thats your problem, think Swiss bank account but for your data. In my book that clinched the deal, service after sign in also gets Top Marks.

  • Erasmo

    I like Sugarsync a lot. But 5 GB its limited. I read your info and now I’ve just set up an account with Glide, and looks great to have 30 GB free!

  • Rigbly

    I just installed CX Cloud after signing up. It took me 10 minutes to setup my account, get the app for my iPhone, my Netbook and upload 379 pics in preparation for my move to my new phone! What a sweet and easy setup.

    I chose CX because they offered the most for free. Their site navigation was fast and easy/smooth, they have a desktop client which is great (syncing files now).

    I am definitely keeping CX and cant wait to install their Android App when my note II arrives.

    -new and so far happy user

  • kevin

    Check out Box+ and boxjia.com

    it is the Google+ of Online Collaboration.. much more flexible than dropbox in collaboration/sharing.

  • Pamela

    It’s great to have a comparison of all of the better Cloud storage facilities, and thankyou for that, but I’m interested in the security of documents once they are transferred to a virtual facility.

  • Good Livelihood

    [Please tell us what you care about in a Cloud Storage service]

    The credibility…

    Is it safe to put confidential files in it?
    Would They (or other People) able to access the files without our permission?
    Do They have robust-security-system?

    Which storage service that is trustworthy-enough to put confidential-important-&-only-special-trusted-person-allowed-to-access files?
    Which one is the chosen one?

    Just like (ethical) banks.


    [noun] 1.The quality of being believable or trustworthy.
    -The Sage’s English Dictionary & Thesaurus

  • Rani

    This is a great list and the comparison can’t be any better. But I am surprised you did not include https://www.box.com which offers 5GB of free storage for personal use and https://www.myPDV.com which offers a free storage with no limit on your capacity.

    • Samer Kurdi

      I didn’t include box because at the time this was published, box did not provide a free desktop client for free plans. They have since changed, so I will include them in the planned update of this article. (And I will look into the other one you mention).

      • You might also want to look into CloudMe.

        CloudMe offers 3GB of free storage and up to 19GB total free space with referrals. https://www.cloudme.com/en/getmorespace

        Supports a wide variety of platforms and devices and syncs a single Blue Folder like Dropbox but also allows syncing of any additional folder on your computer.

        Located in Sweden, this is a great European alternative for those concerned about the Patriot Act.

  • tacosalad000

    Hi Samer (and whoever else happens to be reading this), could you please repost your referral link for IDrive. I think they reorganized their website url structure when they added the IDriveSync service. The referral link posted above (https://www.idrive.com/?uid=S8C0W4F7A5) redirects to http://www.idrive.com which shows two links. One to the original IDrive service (https://www.idrive.com/index.html) and the other to the new IDriveSync service (https://www.idrivesync.com/). Thanks.

  • Matt

    MiMedia stinks! I’m so disappointed!

  • David

    > -You can boost yourself to 18GB of free space at day one with using these promotion codes:
    > G6FCJFF77K5AH7C3FH6J
    > connect-with-support


    Where can you enter all these codes on Wuala? It seems you can only enter one. Also, are these for life? On their site they say the 1 GB for a referral is for a yer only.

  • clemens

    i would like a cloud where you can really share and exchange files. this means there must be the option to share a folder by a unique link (with password) and then friends can also upload and download files to that folder without registering.
    e.g. to share photos and videos of an event so all participants can upload their own and copy .
    this would be real group-sharing 🙂
    anybody an idea?

    • Samuel

      This is late – but you can do all of that with OpenDrive. I know because I do it regularly lol

  • OsmarSMN

    The Best Referral Program…(Copy Referral Program — In possibly the most rewarding referral program in cloud storage history, Copy users can earn 5GB of additional free storage for both themselves and the person they introduce to Copy for each referral, with no limit on the total capacity they can earn. The average Copy referrer has earned well over 60GB of free storage, with the largest referrers earning space in the 10s of TBs), Follow this link to get started with 20 GB. https://copy.com?r=itVLNk

  • Rey

    No. 1 for me is Box. You can check my top 10 here http://memoentry.com/top-10-online-storage-sites-only-the-best/

  • Tim

    For Me COPY.com is the best, has all the features of dropbox + fair sharing where shared files don’t subtract space from all accounts. With this link https://copy.com?r=VHlppC you GET 20GB to start and + 5GB for each friend you refer. And upload download speeds are super fast!!! works on all OSs.

  • ClemensRattePolle

    just found+did not test
    Files up to 5 GB
    Unlimited uploads
    Unlimited downloads
    No sign up
    Any file type
    Unlimited bandwidth

  • Luis Gustavo Seito Coutinho

    Hello guys, use this cloud service also reliable. Researched the
    company and is reliable (barracuda networks) and cool it starts with
    20GB to install the program. And every friend you refer you earn over
    5GB unlimited directions! The same scheme dropbox! This is the link
    copy.com?r=19P1xL! (You and me won 5GB) Bye.

  • guest

    naver drive 30 gb free

  • Hello Kurdi,

    you can add livedrive to your list.

  • Bill

    er Google drive……………it just opened without me joining or creating a passwood of anything…………….I don’t get ti

  • asdasda

    Any free one with about 500 GB existing?

  • Maars
  • Samuel

    Late but I think OpenDrive deserves more of a recommendation.

  • ND

    I prefer private file-sharing clouds, because you have the full control of your data.

    Check out arXshare at http://www.arxshare.com as an lightweight alternative with end-to-end encryption.

  • toto

    Hi there,
    I’m using a completely different cloud solution powered by HubiC!
    It offers a 25 GB free account and a 10 To account for 10€/month.
    There is no limit is file size and as of today software for Win, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, Win8 and blackberry.
    My feeling is that they are still looking for their biz model, but Hubic being a brand of OVH (one of top European web hosting company) they know how to handle trafic and storage properly 😉
    Data is stored in Franch datacenters (for PRISM worries)

  • Tinkerbell02

    I personally really like a drive they offer 50 GB for free.

  • pet1

    SurDoc.com & shared.com —> 100Gb free cloud storage

  • Yo

    Copy referral is long dead. Here is an alternative referral for Hubic and it still works, as of today at least… https://hubic.com/nl/offers?referral=CYHNPO ….. Sign up with this link and you get 30GB signup space instead of the regular 25GB at Hubic. So that’s 30GB space with signup and additional 25GB for a total of 55Gb with additional 5 referrals. Good luck! https://hubic.com/nl/offers?referral=CYHNPO

  • Great news!

    It was still possible to register on Yandex.Disk and yet getting FREE 11 Gig! Working as charm!

    There are plenty of useful features with Yandex.Disk, such as public and private folder and file sharing, the ability to import photos via social networks, bulk downloads, automatic mobile uploads, and support for drag and drop.

    Windows, Mac, and Linux users can install a desktop program to upload files to Yandex.Disk, and a mobile app is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Easy to use also for keeping synced all your files across the gadgets.

    Use this invitation to grab your PROMO https://disk.yandex.com/invite/?hash=NMB57264